Timed promotion, why???

Discussion in 'REME' started by pensionprisoner, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Why do we have time promotion, can anybody tell me? In addition how will Veng effect time promotion. Does this mean that non tech trades will have to wait even longer now to be promoted whilst tech trades will still be promoted on time? Providing for more resentment!!!
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  2. Because us Tech type people (Scalies as well as REME) deserve it for working so hard.
  3. unless things have changed out of all recognition promotion is on time only for those that are qualified.

    So if promotion to Sgt is lets say, 5 years from Cpl then you would only get that promotion should you have class one trade, SMC (or whatever it is now) and education, and not just because you had served 5 years in the previous rank.
  4. now i know u r taking the piss.
  5. I was told that it was brought in to give us a pay rise without messing around with the pay scales. Stop us running away and working for Orange once we'd finished our time bar.

    Also, to give us a bit more authority during inspections etc.
  6. The book says lcpl - sgt min 5 years with class 1, smc and a reccomendation on a cr. This reccomendation could be a CY.
    Please be realistic, how many people fail to reach these very basic requirements??
  7. basic requirements or not they and the recommendation are stil that requirements,

    I know of atleast one person that didn't get a recommendation despite being qualified and hence didn't get promoted so time promotion is a myth although I concede, it is/was rare not to be promoted.
  8. plus EFP 1 or SCLM!! Which would ensure you could spell!!!!!
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    I must ask, pp, why do you care? You're not a timed promotion tradesman so why do you see fit to question the way we do things? What affect does the fact that some have a timed promotion have on you?!
  11. Another point to note is that timed promotion ends at Sgt, so Techs could spend a long time waiting for their SSgt. In fact, unless they go Tiffy they wait an eternity, when the vacancy promotion trades catch up and pass them.

  12. I have heard in the past techs complaining that they have be stuck at sgt for 10 years, some other trades have to wait an average of 16 years to get sgt!!
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    Feel rubbed up the wrong way do we? face it timed promotion has no grounding, instead of talking balls, explain why there still is timed promotion. Ive never been to iraq, does that mean i cant disscus the problem???
  14. Lads.....

    You all had the choice in which trade to go for, if you felt that bad you could always retrade.

    SOme get fast promotion others slow, some get timed, some don´t.

    Deal with it, and DRIVE ONNNNN1
  15. Can this not be backed up by the SEX OPTION :lol: