Time Wasters and Games galore!


War Hero
As if you needed any more distractions from work...
Some risqué links amidst it all, but they're usually pretty funny. Heap loads of time wasters and games, updated daily. And no, I'm not affiliated with it in any way! :)
Give yourself a pat on the back Macks, pure class.
our bt net nanny is a mini fcukin' hitler!
won't let me in!


War Hero
Ah yes. The pleasures of internet security. There is a way to get round it.
Go to www.google.com, and type in "focus.de" or something equally foreign into the search engine. You'll get back a list of foreign websites. Click on "Translate this page." Up in the address bar, remove the name of the website, and put in the one you want.
Hey presto!

Actually, for ease of use, copy this into the address bar, and the site you want to access after it:
Damn! It featured an extremely comely young maiden, clad in bog-all, not even shimmering samite, flapping her lovely jubblies, alternately right
and left, directly at the camera. She was definitely fit! I can't get it now,
I'll just have to rely on my memory.
Oh, and be careful with the milkandcookies web site. When I tried to download games, I had a few intermittent problems with my dial up connection dropping and then reconnecting. It was only when I went to disconnect from the internet that I found that it had reconnected me to the internet via their own premium rate number without giving me any prior warning. Very naughty.

Tried that one,no luck, - looks like they've binned that as well. Ba$tards!

Nutstrangler said:
fantastic, bloody marvelous site
Like I said, some of the things can be a bit dodgy! I usually just avoid downloading anything, and just play the online games (saddo that I am! 8) ). Shouldn't have any problems with M&C itself, as it's basically just a big links page. There shouldn't be any downloading going on at all!
thank you very much, nice one :D

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