Time to Update British Politics

OK - this latest pig trough affair using our cash has got me going :twisted:

It is obvious that we need to update British Politics but the question is - HOW? Obviously honesty is the key word here.

I have a few suggestions.

The language of Parliament should be updated. So during Commons debates, instead of "Could I ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to make a statement on....." we could actually have "What has that thieving fecking midget Blears from Salford go to say about this c0ck-up she is supposed to be in charge of then?"

Another suggestion - when MP's address each other they stop using the word Honourable! Because they aren't.

It is a place of work - No Smoking and anybody p1ssed should be sent home with no pay!

It is a place of work and they have shown they are not good a flexi-hours so clocking-in sheets for each of them.

If they haven't got a sick-note and don't turn up - no pay for that day!

Please feel free to add at your convenience.
How about a little local accountability? All MPs schmooze their constituencies, mine is in the local rag every week, but they never seek local opinion on how they vote on particular issues.

In reality their loyalty to the electorate lasts until midnight on election night and switches to their own ambitions and the internal politics of their party after that.

Parliament does not and has never in history represented the views of the population. Democracy is a myth.
I think we should use the French and Italian method of picking women suitable to become MPs.

36-24-36, the ability to look good in not a lot and with a nice smile...... :D

Italy's got a few extra going at the mo. Think we could invite them across? I'd be their Papa too :twisted: .

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