Time to train?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by among_the_living, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. Well on tuesday i did my BARB and got a 78 which is okay i guess as i know i got afew wrong, just after i pressed it i realised it was wrong...but anyway, how long would it be for me to be called in for my interviews, or basically for them to get the refferences back and then call me in....THEN get my date for RSC, as i need some time to get my 2.4k time down from around 11 minutes.

    Will i have enough time or will i be cutting it a bit fine.
  2. Timings vary for interviews/RSC etc. Best bit of advice is to get running (if you havent done so already!) Run every day if you can for about 20-30 mins. Rest on weekends. Throw in a bit of swimming/cycling and you should have no problems with the 1.5mile run. I take it your going Infantry if you want a sub 11 minute time on the run?
  3. Well as i dont have any GCSEs i only had a small selection of jobs that interested me...the guy said as i got 78, if i had some exams he owuld be pushing me for a more tech job but...he could see that i only want to be a soldier...im in the same position as he was when he was 17 actually...no exams and just wanting to be a soldier...so i have only 2 choices instead of the usual 3 those are the queens lancashire regiment or the parachute regiment...but he said i could go on and do P-company FROM the QLR so i think i will join the QLR so im looking for sub 11 yeah.
  4. Mate take it from me, doing 'P' Coy from the QLR is absoloute bullshit. If you want to be a para the join the Parachute regiment. Your recruiter isn't QLR by any chance?? Don't be talked into any old regiment, get your recruiter to give you the print out of your job options there are more than just three options. You might want to be an armoured infantryman working with armoured vehicles for example. There are loads of jobs in the army, dont be talked into a crap one. No offence to the QLR but they aren't known as th Queens Last Resort for nothing.
  5. haha yeah he is in the QLR but i did get the print out and the only ones on there that were the type of stuff id want to do were the paras and the QLR so i got those two, i always wanted to be a para so thats what im training for the QLR is my second choice....im just wondering if i will have enough time to get my time down from around 11 minutes to around about 9 for the paras in the few weeks between now and doing RSC.