Time to stand up for the Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Yes comrades our Potemkin moment has arrived

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  2. No let us remain comfortably under the jackboot of oppression

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  1. The furore over the neglect of the Armed Forces by TCH, the current part-time SoS and the brooding Chancellor/PM is long overdue and coming to a head.

    Latest BBC article here:


    This is what Browne said:

    The observant will, of course, note that it is unlikely for this issue to be raised by a serving soldier. Without wanting to deviate from the point, I recall a junior rank getting various stand-up b0llockings after raising a minor gripe with a 2-star during an inspection.

    Browne appears to suggest that such issues can be raised with him by serving soldiers, and the absence of the raising of such issues is proof of their non-existence.

    Is it time to test this? Personnel are barred from unauthorised media contact and allegedly barred from discussing defence matters without permission (although the DCI doesn't appear to be fit for use as toilet paper even in field conditions).

    However, what if a brief letter to SoS was drafted that stated the undersigned serving personnel believed that the Military Covenant was not being honoured and there was little confidence in operational funding (or words to those effect)? The letter would be widely circulated and photocopied, to be sent either direct to SoS or to a clearing house where a note of the number of signatures could be kept (as MoD would deny it ever happening).

    It would be a career risk to sign it obviously...with one caveat. If enough people signed it then administrative action or disciplinary action would be impossible. To put this in perspective, the voluntary outflow rate is roughly 3.4% for officers and 5.4% for other ranks (TSP 5). If everyone on PVR signed the letter then that would be nearly 10,000 signatures. Other personnel signing the letter would be safe by the fact of the sheer weight of numbers. How do you b0llock 10,000 people? As to whether this was a breach of QRs, this would need detailed analysis but I do not think that the act of writing to the SoS is likely to be either mutiny or insubordination.

    Naturally, the public impact of such a letter-writing campaign would be the primary force. It could be augmented by a similar campaign for dependants and ex-serving.

    Is it time to stand up and be counted? There is a key window to exert maximum pressure. As much as I dislike this government, my overriding concern would be for the adequate funding of the Armed Forces rather than seeing an unpopular and incompeteng government attacked, but the two are inexorably intertwined. :twisted:

    Edited to add...I am ex-serving, not current serving so it is easy for me to suggest this!
  2. It would be good if some particularly clever wordsmith could word this into some sort of petition and add it to the online petitions on the Government web site. Though I to confess I would have to sign as ex 24******* ITG
  3. Alas, I doubt the petition would be allowed by the No 10 spinners...funny old thing! :evil:
  4. The problem been if only a handful of folk ended up writing they would be royally bent over a table.
  5. Absolutely, so it would be better if any letter was initiated and supported in the first instance from within the PVR community! Nothing to lose and all that...
  6. As it happens, this point came up in a live interview I have just given on BFBS radio. I suggested that Mr Browne needs to listen more to soldiers, sailors and airmen and less to his own spin doctors.

    D.Y. (BAFF)

  7. The fact is that because we get on with the job no matter what the gov just ignores the military at every bloody oppurtunity. We will always get on with the job and always bitch while doing it, but the gov should finally realise there are huge problems that need to be bloody sorted or more and more will just sign off.
  8. Wouldn't it be useful if someone wrote to no 10 informing them of
    this site and inviting them to monitor it and let them hear some of the serious issues which are being aired.

    Maybe i am naive?
  9. Naive, maybe. Do you really think that the Govt haven't heard of this site and don't have people logging on and taking notes, it has been quoted enough in the press. Be assured, every thread is read through carefully by some nameless deskjockey whose sole job is to take notes.
  10. Great idea, but the armed forces don't register on the PMs personal giveafuckometer even whe faced with the facts from the CGS and CDS!

    Any one voting labour at the election who cares about the armed forces? I think not!
  11. He probably had a cd full of reccomendations for improvements to the forces, then mailed them off somewhere. :)
  12. Hence, the reason that nothing has happened, they haven't recieved the last 5 yrs worth of correspondence.
  13. Feckemall, pass me pitch fork!
  14. Tend to agree with the comments above - pitchfork would not be my weapon of choice - mine would be the media - far more damaging.

    And as this government has proved time and time again in relation to the military that it likes to use the media as effectively as any Chicksands resident; It's only fair that the issues are presented back to them in such an effective way. Hey, but what do I know?

    Hello, B49E There is monitoring of this net. Wait Out.
  15. "Come on lads! the CSM can't charge us all for going on the razzle when we're confined to camp!"