Time to sign up me thinks...

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Squiggers, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Hopefully going to have signed up in the next month - and should have some lovely stuff for the walts to play with...

    The joy of vaguely knowing how to model stuff....
  2. Sound interesting.
    Look forward to meeting the virtual you. :)
  3. So i've got one:

    How do you create stuff in game then?

    Does it come with SL, or do i have to get hold of some little freebie to make items?

  4. Everyone has The Power, but not everyone is able to utilise it fully. If you are determined enough you'll eventually figure it out. Ask key persons here for guidance; the rest comes by trial and error.

    I'm "Gunner Bashly" in-world, BTW... send me an IM and I'll find my way to the island if I'm not too busy. I have a bunch of nekkid lady dancers to organise for tonight, so today might be fairly hectic for me (I know, it's an awful job, but someone has to do it). Better yet, show up at the club and be a part of it. Shoot me an IM for an invite.
  5. Excellent.

    I'll have it sorted out by the end of the month with luck - rather a lot of work to do!

    The joy of being a sailing instructor.... :p
  6. I'm downloading second life at the moment 20% done.. should be interesting :lol:
  7. I've been wondering round for an hour,on me tod, no sooner do I find someone then my server kicks me out!!