Time to Send in the Bailiffs!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. This just makes me smile. Couldn't have happened to a better bunch of people. :) But I mean really, who would have expected them to demand their money back after the whole dodgy affair was splashed over the papers. If you can't trust a shady multi-millionaire businessman trying to buy influence nowadays, who can you rely on? Completely ruined my faith in humanity. :wink:

    Not that the rank and file Labour party members are bad people, mates with quite a few, but this is just the sort of thing I think Tone and his little inner circle of ********* need to give them a bit of a shake. Hell, maybe if they get their majority reduced a bit they might have to *gasp* start listening to people.
  2. The tag-line at the end of the article suggesting that a cash strapped, debt ladened Labout Party have no remaining option but to turn to the Unions for financial help does not bode well.
  3. Look at the mess they've made of the economy - it's no surprise that the party finances are now a problem.
  4. Ahem,

    Trying to think of something serious to inject.


    Lips upturning.

    Can't help myself.

    Must think of something.


    Sod it.


    Love it.
  5. It didn't work!

    They won't take my old BCI creditcard.
  6. So true. This little media grenade will make some folks think that the time for Labour is over and we need a new sheriff in town. Pack your bags Cherie and Tony :twisted:
  7. and gordon will be better? Still 2 years to an election and that insecure scottish bully will make sure he gets his full crack at the whip.

    prudence my arrse!
  8. And who's out there that's cleaner than clean? I suppose you'd have to go for the least corrupt and untrustworthy, but that's not an easy decision. Maybe it's time to take to the streets...
  9. The problem for Labour is that the union political levy, that used to be theirs, no longer finds it's way to them. Then again, when it did, the party worked for the 'working man' against other forces.

    The key still seems to be the Sun insofar as who gets elected, but of course the race could be narrowed if we exclude bankrupt parties, for my reading of the current situation means we have Liberals (or whatever they're called this month), BNP, UKIP and Monster Raving Loony in the next General election.

    What fun - if only, if only!
  10. That's a new name for it!
  11. Did you notice this bit
    That should bugger-up the hairdressers. Maybe chuck him a MBE for services to hairy wives.
  12. Just to balance it (slightly), there's also Socialist Alliance and Respect

    (edited to say: they may struggle to secure funding - unless the state (taxpayer) foots the bill)
  13. We are all amazed at the mess that Labour has left. This is a further example of how they cannot take care of their own house, but as us to place our faith in them running the country. That is one hell of a request.

    Normally I like to be kissed before being screwed :lol:

  14. ...any more arrse references?