Time to send ground troops to Libya

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Topcover12, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Who else thinks its time for the Goverment to go to the stores and sign out a pair of Fucking balls and send ground troops to Libya to bring an end to this Walt Warlord Gaddafi and his bunch of fucking Airsofters???
  2. And just where are these troops going to come from? is the first of many questions, it'snot part of the UN/NATO mission.
  3. Has school finished already?
  4. There are plenty of Troops in the UK sat around doing jack,still on a high from Herrick that would jump at the chance!
  5. Are there really? Almost all the ones I know back from Herrick want to spend time with their families rather than get involved in yet another pointless war.
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  6. JUST ASSASSINATE GADAFFI, That ends it all.

    I'll do it!
  7. Battalion routine gets boring after a while!
  8. No, seriously, I think that we shouldn't get involved, but we should protect the Libyan rebels from a massacre. That's all.
  9. Will there be a medal if this does happen? OSM Libya!
  10. Royal Marine 1995 has some balls has got the spirit!
  11. If im honest the Rebels don't know much either
  12. The rebels are, like, firing stuff at anything just to look strong, not caring whether they hit a Gadaffi tank or a BBC minibus.
  13. Yawn

    Quick kids head off now and have your tea as mummy is shouting for you
  14. Troops are allready in an 18 month/2 year cycle of Afghanistan. And this is before the cuts have been fully implimented! I think this would be foolish