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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by RandomName443, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. As I've not had an answer in the sticky, I am reposting here.

    I passed ADSC Lichfield in mid-November and had my file forwarded to the INT CORPS shortly afterwards.

    I spoke with my AFCO today who confirmed they were just waiting for a date or response regarding my 4-day selection, while adding everything had gone "tits-up the past year".

    My question is - for someone in the know - roughly how long will it take to settle a date for the selection?

    I only ask so I can sort out current/future employment.

    Many thanks.
  2. FFS!

    I don't know.

    Neither do I. Could a rather remote but endearing MOD in receipt of loan service pay start a sticky about this please?

    Seeing as I cannot get an answer from somone who has already stated that they are waiting for a response and that there may have been an unforseen blip in the system, I'll jump on the internethingy and bug the fcuk out of everyone else. When I don't get the response that I need, I'll just re-post it somewhere else. If that doesn't work I'll stamp my feet and hold my breath.

    Chill the fcuk out. The vast majority of users on this forum are serving Int Corps soldiers (and possibly a few Officers). Not many of us work in the Ivory Towers, and even fewer of us are willing to ring up the Ivory Towers to answer this. Go and bug your AFCO. That's what they're there for. Maybe if you annoy them enough they'll recruit you into another Corps for sh1ts and giggles. Or conversely, shrug your shoulders and accept that you will be told in time.

    No fucking clue either mate.
  6. Will you get pissed off if you got a date straight away, but the date was for 8 months time?
  7. Can't say I will. It'd mean I can go for a particular job, and have a fixture to work towards later on in the year.
  8. What grade did you get at selection mate?

    A rough guide on when you will start basic from selection is:

    A or B grade = 3-6 months

    C Grade = 6-12 months
  9. I got an A.

    Thanks for those numbers RoyalWelsh.
  10. They are only rough numbers mate and are not set in stone.

    Obviously it depends on what job your going for etc.

    With an A grade you should be in asap.
  11. f**k dyou get those figures from?
  12. The NAAFI
  13. There is only one feckin job in the Int Corps you muppet :roll:
  14. As a soon to be WO1 I'd double check that statement! By the time he's in (assuming defence cuts haven't halted recruiting entirely) there won't be......
  15. Alright smart arrse, you are obviously correct, but it ain't up and running yet! :p :lol:
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