Time to scrap the Police - they've given up fighting crime

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. "…Sir Denis O'Connor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, says the rowdy and abusive behaviour of yobs is a "disease" within communities that has been allowed to "fester" because police have retreated from the streets in the past two decades.
    In a report, he claims that forces have been guilty of chasing crime statistics and targets and ignoring anti-social behaviour or "screening out" 999 calls because it is deemed "not real police work".…"

    Police give up the fight as yobs take over - Telegraph
  2. The police have perpetrated a very successful con trick in the last 20 years or so. A whole raft of crime has been reclassified as 'anti-social behaviour' (which used to mean ducking your round, or smelling, or swearing in polite company), despite the fact that there are laws against it. This has enabled the lazy ******* to largely ignore it, not prosecute it, pretend it isn't a big deal.

    How many people's lives are made intolerable by white-collar fraud? By animal rights or environment protesters? Almost none, yet the police lavish resources on high-profile crime whilst ignoring the stuff that ruins the lives, that makes the lives an utter misery, of millions up and down the land.
  3. We actually have a Police Force? Although I no longer live in UK, every time I visit I never see a policeman.
  4. Ah Yes, Sir Dennis. He would know all about the Police abandonong the streets as that is what he did in 1970 after a vewwy vewwy hard 2 years make or break probation. Left and re-joined in 1974 as a Graduate entry. He will have lived off the back of his actual 2 years trying to attain the standard. No idea why he left though. From 1974 onwards, what would he actualy known about policing, really? I mean, actually doing some? I'm not saying all senior officers are worthless, or even Dennis but past actions might not help your cause. Especially when he and his ilk rolled over and let red tape and bullshit rule the Asylum. No wonder the public have no faith.
  5. Police Services now dear boy
  6. It's not been a Police Force for years. It's descibed as a Police Service. Make of that what you will.
    It's not any indivual officer's fault though. Their hands have been progressivly shackled by PC bollocks over the years and now they are unable to take action in a lot of cases.

    I'll give you an example. Our local Neighbourhood Policing team Sergeant told us last year that when they tackle youths drinking in the local park, all they could do was confiscate the alcohol and pour it down the drain. If they arrested anyone it would take an officer (not a PCSO) off the street for six hours of admin in the office processing the 'miscreant'. They only have one Sergeant, two PC's and three PCSO's on their local NPT here on an evening shift when most of this stuff happens. Imagine the effect if one PC is taken off for the rest of the shift?
    That's where the problem is. Bloody form filling. An officer should be able to arrest someone and call for a van to take them away and deal with the forms later whilst he/she finishes their shift out on the street. The system is loaded with admin meaning that any action reduces the effective force on the streets where they are most needed.
  7. So are they there to enforce the law or service it?
  8. Good point, to be honest, I don't know. But I don't think there was any need whatsoever to change the way they describe themselves. What was it, a rebadging exercise? Something like changing the name of 'Windscale' to 'Sellafield' because nuclear power has a bad name, yeah that worked. People are not fooled by advertising gimmicks like this, not when fundamentals don't actually change and if anything the situation is seen to have worsened.
    If (that's my if) they see themselves as 'providing a service' then I think they've lost the plot. If the Police have become a service provider then who will enforce the law. Policing is by public consent and they've certainly lost a lot of public support (not mine though) in the last few years simply because of the perceived lack of officers visible on the streets. Again though, not the fault of the officers themselves. The mindset at the very top needs to change.
  9. They lost a huge amount of my support when I was told by a plod when I complained about drunken ********* damaging my fence that... 'Unfortunately Sir, that just an occupational hazard of life in modern Britain'.
  10. Won't be long before Whitehall rebrand us the Armed Services and then shortly after, the Un-armed Services when we've run out of money for kit.

    Of course we could always use a catchy, macho title like the 'International Security Assistance Force.'
  11. However i counted 16 police officers sat in expensive marked cars in a couple of miles stretch of the motorway, thats 16 more than i have seen in the town i live in.

    Motorway policing seems to be where they are all at. Saw one accident, relatively minor, all occupants stood at the side of the road. There where 2 unmarked cars and 4 marked cars, thats 10 officers, plus 2 highway patrol cars (further 4 people) or whatever they are called, who where actually the ones marking off the road and directing traffic.
  12. as someone said once (i believe on here)..

    the police should be disbanded..
    made to re-apply for their jobs back..
    and re-start the whole policing thing again from the point of parish and niebourhood constables..
    no flash cars,,just push bikes as in days of old..
    once the police understood what the public expected of them and they understood the public needs would they be allowed the likes of cars and vans..

  13. The police need a good shake-up, withouit doubt. There are far too many supervisory ranks all on salaries based on the starting pay of a constable. The risk to most of them is from inactivity. But there needs to be a change of attitude in dealing with the people that they catch. Penalties not excuses should be the result of detected crime, less health & safety, equal rights and then the police migh be motiveted to do their job.
  14. I agree with the Supervisory thing but everything else is wrong, I'm happy bringing scummers before the courts, in fact I love to do it, I love to see tossers who verbally and physically abuse ordinary punters getting banged up.....................the problem isn't always the Police!!! some of the Magistrates are so out of touch with reality it defies belief!!
    1 x yob in a park, sunny day mid afternoon, he's 17 and drunk as a lord, the park is filled with young families with young and very young kids, Yob decides to start shouting and referring to myself as an illegitimate nonwhite person :) he was warned three times to behave but was lifted for Disorderly behaviour and brought to custody, charged etc.
    On the day of court he turns up with a host of family members and a well heeled barrister to plead that he is really a nice guy, despite the fact that he's 17, pissed in mid afternoon and has 7 yes that's seven! previous disorderly offenses already, the Magistrate fines him £25 pounds!!
    It's not just the Police who need to get hard on yobs and their behaviour!!
  15. Like everything in this country the Police 'service' has been ruined by the PC Brigade.

    I know several police officers, and PCSO's who are all dedicated to their job, and deserve every credit for their commitment.
    Unfortunately their hands are tied when it comes to dealing with yobs.

    I used to be able to walk past a group of lads, take a bit of banter, give some back and know that if it escalated i could take a few of them on, and at worse come out with a black eye. Now the chances are one of the cowards would stab me before running off.

    They know the law cant touch them, they know a policeman cant grab them and detain them without breaching their human rights. The eu will back them up and these people generally know the law and know how they can wriggle out of any conviction