Time to Sack Ainsworth......

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tattybadger, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. These two articles in today's Times are disconcerting; it would seem that the military's political masters have (once again) either failed to grasp the nature of today's conflict or have failed to negotiate the MoD's budget effectively.

    Ainsworth fails again

    and again........

    The sooner this government goes, the safer our soldiers will be.
  2. I'll second that. He is utterly useless.

    Although he is good at claiming expenses: 2nd highest claimant, I think.
  3. They should all be jailed for corporate manslaughter, in between their jail sentences for corruption of course. Now if a few suicide bombers were to kill our entire government, the only tears I would shed would be ones of joy.
  4. Tosser Ainsworth has also said today "Achieving success in the struggle against the Taliban will require "courage and patience", Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has warned "

    Courage, one thing that Ainsworth lacks much like all the other Labour warmongers, keen to send HM Forces into a fight but not keen to support them or share the dangers.

    I hate them.

    Edited to add link: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20090708/tuk-fight-with-taliban-needs-courage-6323e80.html
  5. What do you expect from a communist.
  6. Inshallah the clown will be employed as a Fig 11 in a year.
  7. That clown was promoted beyond his ceiling even as Minister AF. But in a Government of mediocrities, what can you seriously expect?
    There's a distinct possibility here that we could end up with a Defence Secretary even worse than Swiss Des........the thought makes me go cold.
  8. It is the bastard that appointed the useless twerp Ainsworth that needs sacking first!

    How can 'Clown' Brown live with himself as soldiers die with such regularity?

    The vomit inducing oaf should be impeached for his bigoted, blinkered, wholly irresponsible resfusal to fund this operation in Afghanistan - never mind his blocking of any funding for Bliar's misjudged and tragic misadventure into Iraq.

    It must be verging on treason to deny Her Majesty's Forces the equipment required to operate as efficiently and safely as possible.

    As for '...being patient...' how can an overweight, goggle-eyed, third-rate, expense hoovering, non-entity such as Ainsworth make such a statement. There will be Warrant Officers and majors who would be immeasurably more effective that Ainsworth as Secretary of State for Defence.

    Additionally, why is this two-legged 'turdis' ranked 21st out of 23 members of the so-called Cabinet?
  9. Do you mean that Bubbles is looking for a new job?
  10. Tosser Ainsworth has also said today "Achieving success in the struggle against the Taliban will require "courage and patience", Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has warned "

    To Courage and Patience we could always add Perseverance . .

    LONDON (Reuters) - Defence Secretary John Hutton confirmed he was standing down on Friday and said he would not contest the next election ...

    "I'm standing down from the cabinet today because I'm leaving frontline politics," Hutton told the BBC in an interview and reiterated in a statement.

    Hutton, who was appointed defence secretary last October, is regarded as an ally of former prime minister Tony Blair.

  11. I personally believe that all Defence Secs. should have at least served some time in the Forces but that's not going to happen any time soon with this lot I think!
  12. You've more chance of plaiting diarrohea than any of this spineless shower of shit spending time on a two-way range.
  13. To be fair, after buying a load of shite fighters* for the RAF and 2 Carriers that are already a billion over budget...................... :pissedoff:

    Edit-* No not the RAF Regiment, that typhoon thing! :D
  14. Fair doesn't come into it when British solders lives are put at risk by the ineptitude of this government and the incompetent buffoons at the helm (allegedly) of the MoD.

    Fairness, in this instance, is about resourcing military ventures effectively.

    These clowns have failed soldiers in every aspect, from conception, identifying objectives, planning, estimation, resourcing, legallly, morally and in every other way that they possibly could.
  15. In his position I'd have done the same. What did you actually expect him to do when he realised he wasn't going to get what he needed , no matter how passionate , diligent and hard-working he was about it?