Time to ressurect the Home Service Force?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuckFelize, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Yes. Maximise our resources

  2. No. The system works already

  3. Erm... would we get cheap beer in the TA Centre?

  1. Watching the news this morning and the foot & mouth outbreak, I was not too surprised to see Dibble's human resources (again) being utilised in a rather wasteful manner. What's the point in having two fully-trained police officers manning a cordon in the middle of nowhere - especially as they're always playing the lack of resources card. There were plenty of shots of rozzers looking bored out of their sculls, wandering through fields and generally standing around waiting for the odd vehicle to pitch up so's they could divert it away. Anyone who's done rural VCPs knows how boring it can be. Is this the way to properly utilise the police?

    What is sorely needed is a uniformed organisation with the same clout/power in times of emergency to lift the burden from an already overburdened (so they say) force. It would have to be military in nature to fulfil the role effectively. The TA goes some way towards this, but something else is needed whether it be Militia, Special Reserve or HSF. There are plenty of individuals out there with prior service who are now slightly past TA service requirements, but who would still be ideally suited for manning VCPs, cordons, decontam facilities and key points for any number of reasons not necessarily connected to foot & mouth outbreaks.

    There are probably thousands of people who would relish the opportunity to don DPM again in a useful role. Mobilised service would not necessarily be paid, but expenses could be covered in much the same way as the Special Constabulary. Uniform and training would be minimal and units could either be badged/affiliated to local units as lodgers - like the old Special/Supplementary Reserve Militia and HSF, or as a separate organisation with specified muster locations: police, fire stations etc.

    One thing there would be is enthusiasm and camaraderie - the former attribute being noticeably absent from the copper behind the cordon on TV this morning. The taxpayer might be happier too.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Sounds like an excellent idea: simple, effective, inexpensive.

    Well, there's 3 reasons why it will never happen.

  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Where's the Legion of Frontiersmen when you need them?
  4. I'd rather this didn't degenerate in to a Legion of Imposters-related thread, but hope it might grow in to something less fatigue-inducing. Tick the box!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    The main trouble with your idea is 'The Day Job'. I can't see employers letting people have days off to man a cordon, when that's what we pay our taxes to the police to do.

    The TA already have this role, called Civil Contingency Reaction Farce (CCRF), as was not demonstrated during the recent worst flooding in living memory.

  6. main problem day job

    b having any kit to actually be useful in role

    not like the TA have an excess of white fleet at the moment :evil:

    I don't imagine they would need much transport comms personal weapons but that would be pushing the boat out for the MOD (most cordons would'nt need weapons )
  7. Could you add a "Plod should do it as in my experience its all they are capable of doing" button?

  8. Agree that the main issue would be 'the day job'.

    However, I think that many sizeable employers would be willing to release staff if properly compensated, forewarned and briefed.

    Another three reasons why it'll never happen then.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    How do you forewarn people of an outbreak such as foot and mouth?
  10. 'What is sorely needed is a uniformed organisation with the same clout/power in times of emergency to lift the burden from an already overburdened (so they say) force'.

    PCSO's. Easy.
  11. Sorry, I was thinking about the way that it was supposed to work back when the HSF existed.

    Initial response down to existing assets and warning-orders issued to HSF. HSF then assembles and takes over as appropriate.

    I've been up all night trying to get in the ballot for Led Zep tickets, so my brain and fingers aren't exactly altogether together at the mo.....
  12. Our local police have their own corps of citizen volunteers
    so there is a desire for this type of thing by the powers that be.
  13. Are we the only country in the world which suffers from foot and mouth? Or are we the only country which admits to having it? :?

    And it's then splashed all over the media which generates our European "cousins" into saying; "Non, keep your smelly beuf". :evil:

    I'm not against Europe but can the likes of Greece and Spain really be better at keeping cattle than us? :?:
  14. msr

    msr LE

    No: http://www.thepigsite.com/footandmouth/

  15. HSF would be a good idea to reform now, it's possible that such a force will be required in the near future if the terrorist threat increases.