Time to reintroduce the workhouse ?

Another sunny day, and out come the dolies with their cans of Stella and sit on the steps whiling away the day. (Not actively seeking employment)

I can't believe that when these people turn up at the housing office and mumble that they want a flat no one asks them, how you going to pay for it ?

I see an analogy of being given a car and the taxpayer pays for the fuel, the tax and MOT etc.

What other service is provided where no one asks, how are you going to pay ?

There are actually a few jobs available in my area, even for retards. Flyers have been posted through the doors advertising for labourers working on the city housing.

Surely if someone turns up at the housing office and asks for a house, they should be directed to a regional workhouse. There they will provide a ready pool of labour for menial tasks. Unable to spend dole on Stella, because they won't get any!!

They will get their three bowls of gruel a day at taxpayers expense, and can then contribute to the economy instead of sucking money out of it.

Think of the savings
Each dolie costs the taxpayer about £150 p/w. Then there is the crime they are involved in and the cash in hand jobs.

Regional workhouse, cheap to run, they can take turns in the kitchens and allotments etc.

Bugs me to see people who don't want to work when there is work about.
It wouldn't be so bad if the Job centre actually knew what they were doing.
I'll admit I've had to use the jobcentre and from what I've seen the scumbags get treated like royalty in there and the people that have always worked and fallen on hard times get treated like idiots.
Doesn't help either that the easist of jobs like cutting grass needs a bloody qualification!!

I do agree though for the masses that want to sponge what they can and not work for it there should be workhouses.
Can all us PTSD people have our own room
Can all us PTSD people have our own room
No it is time to make people work for their dole money, they should be made to report to some office and clock in then sent out to do any form of wok locally, from cleaning up to working on the gardens in the parks. If they fail to turn up or fail to work then there dole is stopped. If a chap has a family and wont work then move him to a labour camp and make him work rather than see his family suffer. There are plenty of jobs in the community that they could do if there was the will to make them work, but when they can get more money for sitting at home than working then their is no incentive for people to work
Another problem appears to be the amount of benefits these people get. They actually get more money to stay at home than they would get if they were to go out and get a job.

We have a single mum in our office and she works part time and refuses to do overtime as it would affect her tax credits.
It all seemed to be such a good a idea at the time. The true Socialist State, where nobody was left behind. Sadly someone seemed to forget that somebody needs to pay for it all, but then they will be Filthy Capitalists, so it doesn't matter.

I'm sure they didn't plan it this way, but they certainly haven't identified a way out of the mess.
Benefits should be a hand up, not a hand out. There are some genuine people who find themsleves unemployed and are penalised because they have savings. They are also looked down on by the gestapo type job centre employees when they have to belittle themselves to claim what they are entitled to.

I see no reason why someone who is not working, and has no intention of ever working should have a house. If I lived with my parents and had no intention of working, naturally I would want a place of my own, especially if I did not have to pay - And I could get £65 p/w JSA for the privilege
Going back about 4years I know a lad who at the time had been out of work about a year and a half and the job centre said to keep being paid job seekers he had to attend a one hour skills session or some shit. He turned up and as far as I know he's still on the dole.
Many years ago, my Dad was on the dole for a short while. They sent him for a job on the railways. At the interview he was told that he would have to attend a course in Swindon. He was then asked if he was going to make a career of the railways. He told them no but he would do it until something better came along.

Dole stopped his money - reckoned he had refused work. He appealed and was finally paid.


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Gosh. You notice these people?

How the hours must fly by.

Myself, I am too busy trying to make loads of money for doing, er, fuck all.
Taffnp said:
Benefits should be a hand up, not a hand out.
Yeah, you are right there mate.

Like all those scrounging gets that claim Child Benefit whilst in full time employment.

Never claimed it myself because I did'nt want to be seen to be on Govt handouts.

Neither did my mum and dad who, despite being (Old) Labour voting types, thought that claiming benefits of any kind whilst working was shameful.


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