Time to pass the cap again!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Oberleutnant_vn_Genschler, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. A change of CO is around the corner for the fighting 11 EOD. I can remember the fuss the last time this happend due to the outgoing CO getting £1,000 worth of Seamaster watch. As the present CO is working hard on setting up a fund for those who get injured on duty I think it only right that when the cap is passed around I donate any money to this fund rather than to the watch fund! I am sure every leaving gift I have ever recieved came from funds I paid in, the same as most I expect.
  2. pass the sick bucket, any purple helmets thinking the same?go **** yourself ***********, come back and do it properly
  3. Do what properly? I read your posts with interest and note you only seem to be capable of one liners and nothing original. You are clearly very dim.
  4. your lack of vision is endeering shame you don't realise who you are up against.hat
  5. Surely the C.O's leaving gift would be paid for from mess funds !

    It seems to me that a more worth while cause is the injured soldiers fund, put your money to GOOD use and pay it in there.
  6. well said mate nice when the nobs try to take it over . what your suggestion for the workers?
  7. ******* brilliant though, after all this stuff, several conflicts the only insult the prick can come up with is 'dim' laughable need any contacts to the rich world ********?hows the watch appeal going you remf? stop reading your text books and breathe hat.
  8. *****TROLL ALERT***********
  9. pass the buck
  10. What Buck?
  11. TROLL - I think not. The topic was discussed last week. There are a number of people unhappy about the prospect of being asked to chip in. I feel an expensive watch is abit much when there is a fund being set up for those who get injured. If the CO excepts a statue, like everyone else except they pay for it, and puts the change into the fund I'll take my hat off to him. Yes, Brown Bottle - HAT. This was a big issue of resentment a few years ago. Bomb Doctor you were probably one of the OC's expecting all his Sqn to chip in! Have you met my friend Brown Bottle, the pair of you will get along fine.
  12. Check Fire Check Fire (I was on about the_brown_bottle)
  13. And.......... I totally agree with you! CO should take something from the Mess and not anything else. Who do they think they are?

    If the last one got a Seamaster for 1000, then he probably didn't get a very good one!
  14. If the last one got a sea-master, then more fool on those who put money in, in the first place. When I left I got a stautue from my troop and I worked with them for approx 6 1/2 years. I saw the CO approx 8 times (all 3 of them) and as such would have chipped in a set percentage.

    I'm not even interested in the p@ssing contest you guys are in just the fact that you should look after your guys and when its time to go take the stautue, be thankful and smile. The thing for the guys in worthwhile and its about time something was done as we're going farther afield, more often and with greater risk. Other countries and agencies have this so the framework must be there somewhere to use but at least the effort is being done.

    If he got a watch, what did the brain get?