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Hi All,
New on here and probably posting in the wrong place altogether so apologies.
Ok My husband is seriously considering signing off....reached 12 year point, 5 tours down, its time to go.
Due also to financial circumstances it would be better for us to not have to do the full 12 months after signing off...now I have been told that if Hubby gets a job etc they will let him go early...however what happens if it is me that gets a job which pays more first..will they allow him to leave if it means I will lose the chance of that job if he remains in the army??
As is said lots of external factors at work here too..kids, finances, etc...
Anyone know how this works...only asking on here as sick of getting same old response from other half...` i'll try and find out tomorrow`!!!!
Cheers guys
Ok from the few details given, it sounds as though your Husband is serving on an Open Engagement as reaching his 12 year point 'soon' points to him having joined or become 18 in 99 ish, which means he has to give 12 months notice.

Not knowing what sort of unit you husband serves at, dependent on how benevolent the hierarchy are, he may be allowed to slope off at the end of the notice period for some informal 'gardening' leave on top of the one months terminal leave.
Honest opinion? It's unlikely that your husband's termination process will be accelerated because of a job opportunity that you have, rather than him. It wouldn't hurt to ask the question though, you never know your luck. However, I've been briefed a few times now that, in my Corps at least, terminations are now taking nearer to 3 months than 12, whether this is Army-wide I do not know. Also, you say your husband is "seriously considering" signing off, it's now (again, I can only speak for my particular Corps) a one way street, i.e. those who sign off cannot then change their minds and stay once they've pulled the trigger, as used to be the case. Just make sure he's sure!
Thanks guys for your responses...he is rlc..he has left once before so it is 12 years service altogether...including his previous and the last 3-4 years he has done. We are aware it is a one way street into civvi life now and no way back but I think that that is something he is more than prepared for now. Which corps is it that is terminating in just three months ( only curious) ?
Speaking from my time at the APC (although as it was 5 years ago, I accept I may be out of date!), it is possible to get out fairly rapidly after signing the NTT papers. However, factors that will be considered are what the parent unit is involved in at the time (warned for ops etc) and is the unit willing to release early; personal circumstances (compassionate reasons, guaranteed job offers etc) and a willingness to forgo any entitled resettlement packages in order to facilitate an early exit. There are no doubt many other factors, but if all the relevant boxes are ticked, your hubby could be out PDQ.
I remember signing off a shed load of NTT's before the official discharge date, authorising (good quality) personnel to soldier on following a change of mind; but, as others have said, in the current circumstances, he will not be allowed a change of mind!

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