Time to kill!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FatBoyGeorge, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. So... at rugby training last night some big oaf from the 2nd row wasn't fooled by the sidestep of this super-star winger and proceeded to ungracefully fall onto of me and roll up my leg. Not too bad until the sensation of unbearable pain ensued followed by a loud audible crack. I took that as my cue to roll around crying, as a back does, whilst shouting "POPEY YOU FUCKING CUNT!"

    Prognosis from the doctors and very lovely radiographer was that no bones were broken by the deltoid ligament in my ankle has been torn, resulting in my joint not being held central to my leg. So as I may well be in a cast of some description for the next 6 weeks I need plenty of things to entertain myself with. All need to be possible from the comfort of my bed/sofa.

    Porn is obvious but will inevitably get boring. Over to you fellow arrsers!

  2. As you're OBVIOUSLY a girl....knitting would be appropriate!! :D

    oh and I'm one of those 'lovely radiographers'....don't be fooled, the collective term is a bitch of radiographers!!
  3. Learn to knit

    I hate it when that happens
  4. OBVIOUSLY I need to man myself up a bit, hitting small children with my crutches maybe?

  5. why small children?? There are quite literally MILLIONS of drunk,cider-swigging chavs out there! Hobble down to your street corner and lay about you....bonus is you keep fit so you'll be ready when you get the all clear!! Tying bricks to your crutches should work the upper body too....its win win really!
  6. That'll teach you to be a hair product using back. Grow a mans body and step up to the plate. The forwards is where it's at.

    Serioulsy though, hope you get yourself straightened out and back on the park.

    Porn never gets boring......you need to broaden your porn horizons!
  7. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    I thought perhaps batches might be more appropriate.

    I know, I know...
    I was leaving anyway.
  8. :D Nah, they aren't all as fat as me!! I'm speshul!!