Time to improve your map reading skills??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PrinceAlbert, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Sounds sad I know But I enjoy poring over maps and using my nav skills to find my destination -
    I did some road rallies back in the '80s and loved it!
    Suppose if I was going around strange towns and cities might be useful but not for me...
  2. I only ever use a santnav when in strange towns/cities. What's the point otherwise. Any muppet can read a road map.

    I thought it was more pertanent to the GPS when used on exercise.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My paper maps don't beep, fart or politely ask me to turn at junctions. I may crash.
  4. Is the sky falling in again?
  5. The most serious aspect of this to my mind is that major telecom systems rely on the GPS network as a clock synchronisation source, to keep high bandwidth (10 and 40Gb) systems synchronised. They use GPS clock (for thats what the system really is) as a reference for the caesium clock system. The system is viable usually for up to 72 days after the loss of the GPS system, but could produce significant problems after that date.

    A slippage (loss of clock coordination) of clock sources totally stops these major systems.
  6. It's just the seppo one. Gallileo and Beidou are still ok and they're using far newer satellites. The only problem would be if the various owners can't agree a standardised coding for receivers, meaning you'd have to shell out for new kit if you wanted to use another system.
  7. IIRC, there's over 25 GPS satellites around the world. To work, a GPS receiver needs to have line-of-sight of 3, mine usually sees 7-8 with workable signal. If any one satellite fails the effect on the system as a whole is negligible. This is clearly a scare story aimed at boosting funding. Galileo isn't even remotely ready for service yet and won't be until 2013 at the earliest. At present it only consists of two test satellites (Giove A and B). Beidou only covers a limited region (Beidou-2 will be world wide, but is only on the drawing board. GLONASS is still kicking about, but is in a relatively poor state, with crap accuracy.

    Editted for shockingly bad typing!
  8. There is zero chance that the USA will let their GPS network fail. If you think that our telecoms system and sat nav will be inconvenient, just think how badly the US Army will be affected. If it looks like the army will be inconvenienced then the USA will launch emergency measures to get the system operating smoothly again.
  9. My bold. The most sensible bit here. There are currently over 30 GPS satellites in the constellation with many of the Block IIA that were designed to stop working 10 years or so ago still working perfectly.

    Many new 'GPS' receivers are in any case Global Navigation Satellite Service (GNSS) receivers that use whatever's up there; GPS, GLONASS, Galileo the ish. Since a user only needs 3 satellites in view for a 2D fix or 4 for height as well it's pretty unlikely that there are going to be any dramas in the near future.

    Given also that the owners of GPS, the US military, are nearly totally reliant on it for (amongst other things) precision guided weapons, the timing sequence for SINCGARS and the ability to get from Burger King to the Basker & Robbins concession I don't think I'll be mag to gridding my Tom Tom any time soon.

    Mag to Grid only when GMA is West of course
  10. You actually need 4 sats for a 3d position, sorry for being a pedant!!

    On the plus side, it means i can get back onto base stations again.
  11. Like I said, 3 for a 2D fix and 4 for height as well (that being a 3D posn). Not only a pedant but can't read to boot.
  12. If the spams think GPS might be going down, they'll simply boot the civvies off it like they did back in Granby. Military GPS will be unaffected.
  13. In my defence the 2d comment wasnt posted when i wrote the last comment !!