Time To Grow Up

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by onthebusoffthebus, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. He MOD sorry, I lost my paswaord and stuff. So this is a post with a low count.

    We are a fairly large Corps and although current issues are worth discussing do we really want to listen to all this p*sh from Blandford?
    What we need is a good thread to instill some pride in these boneless individuals about the good old days. Gasp! shock, horror, a few of those who glance at the thread may say..... Nco's telling me what to do? shock horror, Snco'c who were born 2 days before I pased out telling me I cant call a Cpl mate gadzooks get me MP ASAP.,

    Lets get to the point, We volounteer, I personally shit myself when I suddenly realised that when I stepped off the coach from Darlington that I wasent going to twiddle buttons on a radio straight away. Got ragged from day one, I must have been to the Tp ofice countless times to sack it. We join an organisation that has the reputation of being the best fighting force in the world, and all volounteers.

    I was probably a wee bit older than the average recruit today. Not much but when I hacked the training I was never as proud in my life as I was then. Stop being weak, you are a volounteer, training isnt an attendance course as your "mates " are depending on you. Work hard , grow up quick, be wise and be an asset to your mates. If you cant manage this then f***ck off and make way for those who can.

    Littany of the week,

    written by anonymous

    "My life is but a bit part and a charade, how can I stand side by side with my comrades willing to sacrifice all for those who stand beside them when, my own motivation is that of man without heart and soul to achieve ones own gain"
  2. Maybee this should have started as a pole ? Im threaders with the whinging, are you?
  3. That POLL you **** :D
  4. HERE HERE I agree .... started looking at arrse for helpful info and to find out what was going on in the corp WORLDWIDE not just Blandford and Bruggen!!
  5. i agree aswell!! I admit i have had a whinge and im not proud of it but i see the other side of the coin now and yes, lets try to be more positive!
  6. Common sense prevails. God bless the Corps,

    Should I follow or should I lead, Am I a cog or am I a discarded part waiting for the scrap heap. Well maintained parts with many hours run have the experience and knowledge. Does it matter if Im a big cog or small cog? Can I become a big cog through evoloution? Am I an interegal part of the whole mechanisim which make the whole greater than the sum? Do I want to be a stand alone part or do I want to contribute to the whole? Do I want be part of the whole? How can I improve the whole? By critisising the whole part or improving the part by participation? How do I improve the whole? By improving my function to improve the whole. What is the whole? What do you want it to be?

    Bullshit? Think about it. No More Whinging? Participation, leadership, experience, walk before you can run.
  7. Absolutely, quite agree. Anyway, the phase 2's will have to walk or run, the upgraders cant give them lifts :wink:

  8. Here here, well said.

    We've all had our whinge whether its whinging or whinging about people whinging, or in one case whinging about people whinging about people whinging, but lets let these get buried in the history af Arrse. Some good posts have appeared the last few days lets have a bit of pride in ourself and the corps.

    Thee are plenty of positive things happening in the corps at the moment. The Baghdad to the border charity event being organised in blandford, 7 sigs Tug of War team winning everything, last i heard 39 Bde football team were in the semis of the army cup (minor units) and i'm sure there are many other things in the pipeline that i dont know about.
  9. 20 Armoured Brigade just got mashed in the Rugby Minor Units cup semi final.

    But that is a positive thing. Honest. They got time off work to play sport. Fantastic. You don't get that frying burgers at McDonalds!

  10. Nah thats bollox!! I like reading the winge's and assasinating a few characters!!!!!!

    What better way of getting something off your chest than whinging about it!!! squaddies have been doing it for years!!

    saves getting all pent up and frustrated... and kicking the fack out of some poor brastard down town because you havent vented your frustrations on ARRSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And as for 'tug of war' or '7 sigs football team' GO READ THE WIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. hear hear

    I told my missus I was going to do a Pole and she slapped me!
  12. 2 Sigs rugby team is in the final of some army shield thingy or another. And the rest of the Regt is prepping to take on a million and one new roles with shiny new Cormorant kit. All it needs now are the people to man it.