Time to go Gordon.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by NogBad_the_Bad, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Alas, the man can not resign either as an MP or PM. Her majesty must intervene, either promoting him out of harm's way in the case of an MP or sacking him as PM.

    If she were to remove him from office, would you want her to replace with deputy Labour leader, disband parliament, both, disband Parliament and call an election or all of the above?

    I quite like the idea of just disbanding Parliament - Her Majesty doesn't have to call an election for a further three years after that, the benefit for us being only royal taxes need to be paid (the government can't tax without Parliament!).

    More seriously, though; do you want tax and spend Brown or cut and run Cameron?
  2. Resign, call an election, stand down as Party leader, take Mess Webley to the study. Whatever!
  3. Do you mean that he's congenitally pre-disposed to avoiding resigning, Ffyll and someone will have to shove him? You may be right

    If not, then there's nothing to prevent him from going. He simply informs HMQ that he intends to resign and then, as with Blair, takes the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds and leaves parliament.

    If he resigns as leader, he remains PM until the leadership election is over, and then goes to the palace, resigns as PM, recommends that HMQ chooses the new leader of the Labour party as his successor and hopes that HMQ doesn't say 'actually, I think the electorate must be consulted on this and shall dissolve parliament'.

    HMQ would not undertake personal rule, since she'd be at risk of breaching the Bill of Rights, so any dissolution of parliament would be followed by a general election.

    The only way I can see HMQ taking over would be for her to get a petition signed by about 40,000,000 people urging her to save us from the House of Commons (because that would meet the petitioning bit of the Bill of Rights)...
  4. HRH should simply order her Armed Forces in to the sordid den that is the Houses of Parliment to restore order.....

    That would look good on Parliement TV, the men of the HCMR galloping through the chamber, holding bloodied swords aloft, stern faced Guards tieing flailing Members to the cannons of the King's Troop.....

    ah, makes my heart warm.
  5. Wouldn't be simpler to send in a shrink and have the whole commy party sectioned under the mental health act
  6. I believe we are arguing the same point, though I believe the Chiltern Hundreds and the Duchy of Lancaster are for MPs who wish to resign, not Prime Ministers. But the question must be asked of Her Majesty, Brown can not resign with out her permission - on this we are agreed.

    Not sure the Bill of Rights would have much to say if the monarch didn't call a Parliament - rule would return to the Privy Council and to any ministers she choose as her government (Prime Ministers do not have to be MPs, or even Lords presently). Presumably she'd not take it upon herself to hold the ministries in her personal care - though I dare say she'd do as good a job as some in a few!
  7. Seriously? I want a change. I want to be governed by someone that will be honest with the electorate, will put the well being of the country above their own self-interest and will have the guts to take some of the very hard descisions that are going to have to be made over the next few years and be content to be judged by posterity and not the immediate headlines.

    Sadly, I'm not sure that any of the current candidates lining up for PM at the next election are going to meet my requirements.
  8. This is certainly a problem: David and George look even slimier than Blair's spin machine did in its hey-day. The pair of twits make my skin crawl. Osbourne looks like a closet kiddy fiddler.
  9. He can ask HM for permission to dissolve parliament to go to the country to form a new government. PM's have stood aside for illness and because their party requested them to move before too.
  10. I think the whole Labour party needs the boot.
  11. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

  12. He should never have been Chancellor let alone PM. Wholly unfit for high office.

    "The strain shows, say current and former Brown aides: Among other things, it has inflamed a temper that has always been the subject of gallows humor among those who work with him, they say. The prime minister, 58, has hurled pens and even a stapler at aides, according to one; he says he once saw the leader of Britain’s 61 million people shove a laser printer off a desk in a rage. Another aide was warned to watch out for “flying Nokias” when he joined Brown’s team.

    The ‘News Sandwich’

    One staffer says a colleague developed a technique called a “news sandwich” – first telling the prime minister about a recent piece of good coverage before delivering bad news, and then moving quickly to tell him about something good coming soon."


    And just in case any of the Nu-Labour grassroots cheerleaders start whining, here is a comment from the Grauniad:

    "I've just come back from the daily Downing Street briefing for lobby journalists. After 10 minutes on GDP figures, Gurkhas, MPs' expenses etc, someone had to lower the tone and ask about this – and I'm afraid it was me.

    This is what the prime minister's spokesman said in reply:

    "I think it is the sort of unsubstantiated, unsourced nonsense that you would expect to read in Sunday newspapers, not on the supposedly respectable financial wire services."

    There was then a lovely moment of humour when someone else asked:

    "But is it untrue, though?"

    The spokesman said it was "the sort of nonsense that you might expect to read in diary columns" and "not an account that I recognise".

    But he did not actually say it was untrue."


    The man is a total disgrace. Petition signed and link reposted elsewhere. so hopefully will go viral soon.
  13. Prudence and fiscal responsibility - his deep knowledge of these things made Britain the economic powerhouse it is today.

    Don't forget, also, he brought "an end to boom and bust".

    He also made it clear about the need for probity in public office.
  14. We can only dream, but what a fine dream it would make...you`ve made my day old chap :D