Time to get to work

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fertman, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. The usual monkeys are rattling their cages ahead of the next 'General Election'. Sad noises, not least for what they toll for the future. UKIP may not be the answer, Lib Dems are not for sure. Isn't it time to use a very broad, but totally British group, ie us on arrse, to move the future of this land?
  2. Facebook Party?
  3. Fantastic,I can't think why it's never been mentioned before!
    OK I want to be in charge of Reforming the Sex Industry,and especially going Overseas,somewhere warm,to see how they do it over there,oh and bungs I will want bungs.Lots of big bungs in cash.Lots of cash.Thank you.
  4. Cannot be bothered with all that cr@p of pandering to stupid voters and then having to try and work my way out of all the porkies told during the campaign, so I will settle for being made up to Lord Blogg and then being dropped into the Cabinet.

    So much tidier.
  5. Can we not just sod an election and have a coup instead, cheaper in the long run and saves on the environment in not having to cut down trees to print ballot papers.
  6. And we don't just defeat the opposition to fight them again in four years time....