Time to get rid of the White Helmets?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ryder02, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. In this time of financial austerity, could it be time to make a cutback in what is a luxury (if a usefule KAPE and recruiting tool)?

    And nothing at all to do with the fact that the few times I have met them as a body they have behaved like a bunch of complete mongs - like trashing the rooms they were put into in one mess as a favour. (But in their defence - I have been a tw@t at times too...)

    But perhaps it is time to consider that nothing is sacred - discussion please.
  2. In the big financial scheme of things, it would make feck all difference. Given the choice between the White Helmets and Trident, I'd say let the septics keep the phallic symbols.
  3. They are self funding except for the wages.....

    Puts a bit of a dampener on your outrage discussion. Doesn't it.
  4. If that is the case, then could they not be put to better uses in field units - to (very slightly) ease the operational tempo?

    And (despite my backstory with them) this is actually a genuine attempt to prompt some interesting discussion - if I were attempting to get rid of people who were complete tw@ts, then there are entire towns I would eradicate (although that has been covered in another thread I believe).
    I was not aware they were self funding - every day's a school day...
  5. Cos 15 people spread out through the Corps is going to make a blind bit of difference. Lets filter out all the fat ***** who pull a wage under false pretences first. I lost count of the amount of toms who asked me about getting into the White Helmets whilst i was at Blandford. Major recruiting tool if you ask me
  6. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Are there any statistics that quantify that the White Helmets are a major recruiting tool. Do we know how many have walked into a recruiting office and said I have seen the White Helmets and I would like to join the R.SIGNALS.

    AS for it is only 15 people, those 15 people could make a massive difference on Ops working as an ISA. Behaviour aside they may well be self funding yet 15 sets of wages and pension contributions amounts to a lot of money. Are the vehicles refuelled at POL points or at the shell garage! Do they pay rent for the garages that they are housed in? Surely any money they make is spent on insurance in case they pile into a civi crowd (believe me that it is not cheap). There are many other questions to be asked to understand if they are financially viable or not.
  7. It'd be interesting if someone in the know could find out what their annual budget is (expenditure and income). And what the annual budget is for Royal Signals as a whole. I suspect the White Helmets account for a minute percentage of it.

    And just because the benefit of something isn't tangible or measurable, that doesn't mean there is no benefit.

    Display teams are like regimental bands, in that they bring intangible but real benefits in terms of PR, recruiting, morale, etc. and also in that once you've disbanded them, they're generally gone forever.
  8. They pay for fuel i believe. Admittedly I don't think they rent garage space.

    I wouldn't know about specific recruiting for the Signals, however, their busy season sees them up and down the country showing off to the plebs. I would imagine the British Army as a whole gets the press coverage and exposure that it needs to sell positions to the civpop.

    Does the RA still hve the Flying Gunners? The paras the Red Devils? The AAC the Blue Eagles?

    Perhaps a secondary role at Blandford could be used to ease their drain on our resources.

    It would be nice to know the figures on the Corps Recruiting Team. I doubt that big Jap 4x4 and those gash waterproof jackets they wear (mixed dress) come cheap :p
  9. Ok here go's.

    1. The Team are self funding.
    2. The Team pay for fuel, and use civi garages with Shell agencies cards THEY PAY FOR.
    3. The Team pay for insurance, vehicles (yes they are owned by the Team), MOT,RFN,Servicing's,Weight Tests on tail lift etc.
    4. The Team pay for No 1 dress(blues) uniforms,helmets,boots.
    5. The Team pay for bike spares,oils,lubes,tyres,graphics etc.
    6. The Team pay for advertising in show agents brouchers and publications.
    7. The Team pay for a web site The Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team 'The White Helmets'
    8. The Team pay for new off road riding equipment in accordance with SHE
    9. The Team pay for all old,new bikes they have ever purchased, inc quad bikes.
    10. The Team pay for the 'iron work' they use as props,ramps,fire frames etc.

    All of this is funded by moneys received from commercial shows. The Team are a KAPE tool, and have been since 1927. Many a person will re fur to the Team when asked about Motorcycle Display Teams,Earls Court,Blue Peter, Ant n Dec, Record Breakers etc etc!!

    The Team draw wages and T&S only. And we all know that to get authority to claim T&S is/has been getting harder and harder.

  10. Thanks pull it in - once again every day's a school day.

    As a KAPE / recruiting tool, they are very good, of that I had no doubt, but I was wondering about their funding.
    Even with that in mind, I wonder how long it will be before some senior officer after a gong will disband them in a fit of "look at me, look at me! See how much cuts I'm making!"
    (Not at all prompted by the lack of heating in barracks even though it's bloody freezing)
  11. Do people not think at the moment, during a time where there is an obvious link to the Armed Forces involvement in Afghanistan (which many members of the public find 'questionable') to the lack of money available in the civil world, that the Armed Forces should thrive on opportunities to develop public relations through shows, presence at public events etc.

    I think that The White Helmets, Red Arrows, Red Devils, Chinook Display Team, Blue Eagles and all that are all ways to show people the remarkable skills of the members of their military, and let the public enjoy themselves through the military profession. I would like to think that the average person who knows nothing about helicopters would go out to an air show and see the chinook display and see the skill of the nations pilots. Likewise, there isn't many ways the Royal Signals can show their work to the public (I'm not sure a 'Gun Run' with masts is quite as thrilling) because of it's technicalities, so for the Royal Signals instead to be able to say 'The calibre of our soldiers is such that many come to the White Helmets having never ridden a bike before, and within a year are juggling on the back of one' is fantastic for Corps PR and the Corps keeping a positive public image.
  12. A friend of mine once went in the Corps Recruiting Office. He remarked that there were literally thousands of those little 'solitaire' maglites in a deep metallic blue, with 'Royal Signals' and a jimmy painted in... BLACK?? on the side. Which you couldn't even read. In the shops they seem to be about a tenner without commercial branding, so I'd doubt the army pay anything less than half that, when it has commercial branding on the side. And they were in genuine Maglite boxes, not just some cheap rip off. Why giving somebody a maglite makes them more keen to join the Royal Signals I don't know. Every year I work at RIAT and the first day of the show usually involves walking round the recruiting stands with absolutely no interest in joining the Army, just getting bags full of frisbees, rulers, pens, pencils, caps, t-shirts, keyrings, bouncy balls, those little furry things with ribbons which you stick to stuff, etc. I wonder how much all that costs the Army!
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Haven't seen a display in ages. Are they still tooling around on Triumph Tigers?
  14. TR7 750v Tigers yes...And as for all the mag lites and Thermo mugs with jimmys on them....They were all done to give to P.O's on visits to/from/at RMAS so possible cadets could be recruited toward the RSigs...Now, if ever money was wasted..
  15. Yep, if we are reliant on a maglight with bonk decals to attract the mightiest intellects, or at least the officers no one else wants then we really are on the back foot.

    Get 'em doing a track bash or pack lift in the morning and then getting some UHF and SHF shots in the PM. That will make them flock to u.