time to fight back in Zimbabwe ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. It is quite clear that Mad Bob is not going to allow a free and fair election and murdering and torturing opposition in the process, the African neighbours are doing nothing, If i was a Zim I would probably be taking up arms by now, I could not tolerate this mockery of a democracy continuing, there is NO chance of a fair election or peaceful transition of power ever.

  2. Part of me thinks we should go in there and kick his arsse.

    The rest of me just thinks feck it, we got enough on our plates and we've done enough trying to play junior world police for a lifetime. The africans can learn to sort their own shite out.
  3. One point would be, how are we going to get there (do we honestly have the capability for large scale TALO, especialy since 16 Bde are currently in HERRICK)?

    And how are we going to sustain the Logistic chain once in place?

    Sorry, that's 2 points...
  4. Bob said it himself a few months ago. "thank god we don't have oil here"

    or maybe we would have done something about him by now...
  5. Me thinks an AU intervention is in order. Their efforts in Somalia as of late and the Comoros invasion have proved that they can lay down the hurt when needed AND help establish order when the vacuum appears. With a handful of western pilots, they could do it in a snap. But, like we said, no oil.
  6. Take 30 cruise missiles and target the presidential mansion, security forces/army HQ's and whatever instilations needed to disrupt the 'war veterens' C2. I'd speculate we have enough informants on the ground to tell us what is where and when.

    Civil war will break out after the election. No need to pretend we arn't taking sides, whatever our skin colour.
  7. It is their "culture" to run their country like this. Let them get on with it.
  8. I'd agree with that, what has it got to do with us, they kicked us out over 25 years ago.

    Anyway, 30 cruise missiles would cost more than the whole country is worth.

    Didn't someone once say that a country gets the government it deserves?
  9. Probably not far from the truth to be honest, theres only so much that people can take and you can realistically see it all kicking off there!

    Agreed. Although i think something needs to be done about him they do need to sort it out for themselves for a change.
  10. Someone definitely needs to step in or Africa will just destroy itself.

    All you gotta do is cut off the head of the snake.

    One man, one rifle, one shot. Simple.

  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Probably need a Brigade at least, bit of light armour, bit of air support, go in through Beira and up through Mutare and on to Harare.

    Doable in two weeks or so and you would actually be welcomed as liberators.
  12. Sorry, think we should stay out of this one, no matter how good the cause. Uncle Bob has constantly blamed his country's problems on its former 'colonial masters' and somehow the same colonial masters riding to the rescue would just give credence to everything he's ever said.
    This is a problem for Africa to sort out, themselves, when they feel they can appease Mugabe no more.
  13. Might as well go the whole hog and do it with a Square Bde, shock and awe stuff. Bit of russian doctrine, go for the MSRs and straight for the capital. Make it a race, for a bit of interest.

    Although the initial push would be mostly unopposed, the Logistics chain would have to be robust enough to cope with fighting through theiving pikeys.
  14. Agreed wholeheartedly.

    What's more, even if we had a) the political will or b) the resources, we'd still get bogged-down by ROE.

    The Rhodesians fought without kid-gloves and still failed.

    Forget the fact that many Zimbabweans would welcome intervention, there's enough others who would flock to Mad Bob's cause from elsewhere as soon as it appeared that 'whitey' was back!
  15. It's time Thabo Mbeki grew a pair, stopped his "quiet diplomacy" and stepped up to be the statesman he purports to be. Any intervention made by the UK and her allies will only be seen as colonialist intervention by the majority of Africa. This is an African problem and must be sorted by them, if they don't civil war will erupt and Africa wil continue to slide further into the quagmire of its own making.