Time to Emigrate?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AndyPipkin, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Yes, this country is no longer 'Britain'

  2. No, dear old Blighty will muffle through somehow!

  3. Not sure, will see in a few years.

  1. I am currently reading a thoroughly depressing book by George Walden, a former tory education minister, about the state of the UK. It takes the form of a letter to his son, who is thinking of emigrating. So far, there's not one of his observations that I can call untrue. Basically his premise is that the UK if fcuked, lost in a morass of an increasing underclass, low expectations, unassimilable immigrants we can't or won't keep out, rising taxes and increasing racial and religious tension. Left and right are equally to blame.

    It's always struck me as funny that the Left bangs on about immigrants rights, etc, yet ultimately it's business and the rich who benefit from a cheap supply of labour, whilst the indiginous workforce Labour is supposed to represent is priced out of the market.

    So, is it time to emigrate?
  2. I can see your point, other countries also have their immigration and social issues.
  3. True enough. The UK's multiculturalism policy has failed, resulting in ghettos, racial tension and bombings. France's assimmilation policy has failed, resulting in ghettos, racial tensions and riots.
  4. Not to mention all those Brits going over there, not learning the language, putting up all the house prices - and isn't it happening in Spain as well??? Aren't they getting a llittle Englanders tag???
  5. You make some good points but seem to be assuming that Labour represent a left of centre viewpoint. Traditionally the left-wing Labour Party did represent the workers, New Labour only represent themselves. Old Labour supported principles but were out-manoeuvred for 18 years. New Labour sold out and have only one principle, do whatever it takes to stay in power.

    There is virtually no altruistic principle left in UK political life. Tony has shamelessly taken us to war based on lies and is now working solely on his own legacy. He will never attain the greatness of Margaret Thatcher as her success was based on principle. I hated her at the time but her legacy of principled leadership is a stark contrast to our current spineless, media driven masters.

    By the way, your point ref the rich benefitting from cheap foreign labour is exactly right.
  6. Walden makes the point that the Tories, after a soujourn into ideologically driven belief-politics under Thatcher, are returning to their pragmatist, patrician roots under Cameron. No policies whatsoever, but seems a decent sort of chap. Went to Eton, don't you know?
  7. AP - I'd miss the UK (with all its faults!) too much,

    Saying that, I am very happy living in the north east, rather than the UK in general. I would possibly prefer to emigrate to Aus/NZ/Can rather than have to live in some parts of the UK....

  8. Not too happy around Tyneside tonight, unfortunately:(

    You have a point. I can't wait to get up to my parents' small village in Durham for Xmas and out of London.
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Beaten by Chelsea...tho' not badly? Where are you thinking of going? Sunderland? :wink:

  10. I don't know from Art, but I know what I like. I'm very tempted to head for Madeira. It's the headmistresses with their twenty new laws a day in this once-confident country who p*ss me off. Plus all the Africans and Asians and Eastern Europeans who seem to think that it's their right to live here. F 'em all.

    Might go to the Republic of Ireland, mind. I'm told they're still mostly Celts there. Maybe they'll take a Jewish Scot like me.
  11. If you want to get really suicidal, read "A Land Fit For Criminals" by David Fraser, a retired probation officer.
  12. time to emigrate would be 1965ish when AUS/NZ/US/ CDN was more open to UK people and there was that glimmer of Empire still around. UK suffered from bouts of communism when labour was in in and national identity problems when the weak Heath led conservatives were in.Grateful I never really had to live there
  13. In 20 years or so I can forsee Britain or one of its near neibours opting for the ethnic cleansing route if current trends (sh*tting on indigenous occupants for the sake of PC) continue..
  14. Dont even think about coming to Australia, we have the same problems here. You would need atleast a degree or good trade to be considered unless your some sort of ethnic minority! then we will welcome you in and pay for you to stay here, hey you dont even need to learn English!
  15. Andy. It is a strange question for an English nationalist. If I were an Englishman then I would never, never, never emigrate.