Time to do it!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by gunnerfalkey, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys iz jst cum out of 9 yrz service wit Para RHA. I need 2 become the officer in 3 Sigs.

    Can any1 giv me advice on wat 2 do?


    Ta I rely need sum advice on TAOC plz.


  2. Maybe learn to spell? :oops:
  3. Insert pistol in mouth, pull trigger, and in the wahmbulance, pray reincarnation brings you back as someone brighter.

    That should be a good start.

  4. Hahaa SOz. Speeling never waz my strong point. Wil try hard next time.


    Gut Yeh. Cn Any Of You Guyz Tell Me Bout TAOC.

    I am RADY for RMAS.

    I waz offered LE in 7 HRA
  5. Aah...NOW i get that whole 'sweating like a Para in a spelling test' thing!!!
  6. if you were in para's for 9 years why do you have ra trf?
    I know RA rock but..
  7. Mat i waz in 7 PARA RHA.

    Itz Royal Artillery.

    I need TAOC hep plz.
  8. Have you tried talking to some one at your unit?
  9. Me thinks this young ruffian is bored got to be a WAH!!! :?
  10. shortest Wah ever ?

  11. Had A Quit chat to briggo bout it. He sed that Comizzion is not al the education. Somtime its about LEADERSHOP.

    I mite not b 2 brite bt i gt the skillz an drilz.

  12. Wah it Aint.

    Al i wnt iz advbice on TAOC plz

  13. This is a Wah. Please God, tell me it's a Wah....
  14. (And again, in English)

  15. I kno wat a wah is. It ait.

    All i want to do since i wz 8 wz officer, t3y underestimmate my capables at AFCO wen i join. I shud be HANDS ON OFFICER.

    Im tryin hard 2 tlk 2 u al but im nt gttin much bk.

    Thiz keyboard iz mesed too so XCuse the weird speelin.