"Time to ditch God Save The Queen"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Contrarian, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Don't you dare criticise that nice Mr Tatchell. Watching him getting the sh1t kicked out of him when he tries to spout his cr@p abroad is one of my favourite pastimes.

    I was really hoping that he'd turn up at the Olympics and try to arrest the President of China or something. Watching him being cut down in a hail of machine gun fire is about the only thing that would have bettered that speech by Boris after the closing ceremony.
  2. Hang him.
  3. Tatchell is an arse bandit & shows no respect to the church or the crown. He seems to forget that if we were all fudge packers or lesbians then there would be no kids. I think he was once arrested in a church. The gift of kids is for us hetro folk. Gay pride and all of this crap is just deviants who are sub human. I am proud to a be Brit & work for HM the Queen. She is my Monarch & I took an oath to serve her. God Bless you.
  4. Whats wrong with that? 8O
  5. THEY CAN GET TA FECK.....If theres any song I'm gonna sing the 1st verse of with confidence before mumbling incoherently its God save the Queen :salut:

    Whys that bugger saluting with the wrong hand? Annoying that.
  6. Could do with a tune we could quick-march to, though, as a reminder of our Imperial past, when we quick-marched across most of the globe.

    I'm with Billy Connolly on this one; the theme to The Archers has a nice pace to it.
  7. tatchell I hope you get to read this. You are a c0ck sucking republican and I vow to make your life a misery.
  8. First google entry@


    Coward. He's not even British.

    Drawn and bloody quartered. What a vile, abhorrent creature.
  9. This raises an interesting question:

    If both the Queen and the government were to go on the national media and ask the armed forces' allegiance for one or the other, you reckon we'd all go to Her Majesty?

    That would be the greatest vote of no confidence in the government ever! Come on Liz, assemble the troops!
  10. Yes. Do it Boss. Now.
  11. Simple a Warrior theme for a warrior Nation
  12. I've always thought that something really dreadful must have happened to Tatchell in his past for him to be such a mean, nasty and totally self-righteous prick who does little for his own kind let alone others.
    A man's sexuality is entirely his own affair, by what divine right does he think he should 'out' people that obviously prefer to keep their own affairs private.
    Now it seems that my belief in God, Queen and Country are wrong. Many have died for the beliefs I hold most precious few even care about Tatchell or his beliefs.
  13. Well said. The serving men and women fighting the taliban may as well just come home then mr. tatchell. No one to fight for, or defend or be part of. His p.o.v not too long ago would have got him a flogging or worse.
  14. Probably what's really upsetting him is that he thinks he ought to be the Queen, as against just being a queen.