Time to decriminalise drug use say peers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Can we do away with Peers too?
  2. They are not saying decriminlise drugs, the Telegraph is trying to suggest they are. They seem to want a review because they dont think the current policies are working.
  3. Why, because much of the time they talk more sense than the professional politicians in the Commons?
  4. If the law cannot be enforced, or if there is no determination from the top to control the problem, then why bother making it illegal? It just makes the police force look weak.
  5. Jail the users. Takes out the market. The top-down approach of targeting importers and suppliers doesn't work when your border force is UKBA and the drugs trade is led by a conglomeration of ruthless Colombian Multi-Billionaires.
  6. Anyone using is locked in a cell on 'cold turkey'. We wont bother with medical facilites, just lock 'em in a 6 by 6 rubber cell and let them go fcuking spastic for a day or two.

    Anyone with more than two hits worth of the muck on them get's done for being a dealer. All possesions seized by the state, up for death penalty. The more they squeal about the next levels of their cnuts hierachy the lesser the sentance they receive.

    Buy crops from the farmers in Afghanistan and what not. Use it for medicial purposes (ie perscribed heroin to 'volunteer turkeys' trying to get off the stuff willingly (better than methadone)), morphine etc, the rest can get torched.

    Hitting the cartels from both sides. No take up, smashing the infrastructure or at lesat making harder to operate, AND driving prices up for the raw product.

    Oh, and all users spend time in the stocks, for people to jeer at. Followed by 50 lashes. Especially 'celebrities'. Homeless users, get homed and weened of the sh1t.
  7. "Jail the users. Takes out the market."

    I would imagine you have just locked up half of Parliament and the Judiciary.

    No disrespect but the problem is too widespread and so make it legal and Tax it.
    California has just rejected a Law legalising Marijuana, part of the against Campaign was promoted by the Illegal Pot growers.
    They did not want cheap competition from Big Business.

  8. And where will their first port of call be once released? Better to just kill them.
  9. We could sell the stuff, but with the current 'hide the ciggies' approach to smoking how would that be achieved?

    How do you justify selling this muck, with drug driving or these freaks turning up at casualty for treatment for some sort of drug induced episode?

    Falls may be correct. Set up a CDT on the highstreet for everyone going through, then kill all the failures.
  10. My bold. Unfortunately that will drive the users right back to the illegal suppliers.
  11. Ah yes, the US approach. That has, at almost no cost at all, almost eliminated the drugs trade in America, and successfully stopped existing users from using, while repairing the social fabric and reducing drug use amongst the incarcerated, during and after their sentences.

    Oh, hang on...
  12. I do think that a Pure supply from a Known Legal source would be cheap and attractive.

  13. My bold, that's what I'd recommend as well. Let's face it, they're gonna keep growing it whatever happens, so instead of funding terry with it, why don't we buy it off them instead and use it for morphine etc. Keeps the farmers happy, while cutting the talibans main source of income at the same time. A rather simplistic view perhaps, but I'm sure we could get something along those lines to work?
  14. What about the amount that could be bought? Bearing in mind we live in a nation that only allows 16 headache tableets to be bought at a time?