Time to crack a few skulls

Slightly off-topic, but a drug-dealer in Aberdeen was slotted - they found him stuffed in a closet - and the killing was claimed by a vigilante group.

Yes, I know that vigilante killings are a Bad Thing, will lead to the complete breakdown of civilised society etc - but honestly, IF this is true, I'm only surprised it's taken so long.

Our police have been emasculated by the HRA and our legal system is a pathetic joke.

If vigilante groups start killing drug dealers, sex offenders etc on a regular basis, our so-called leaders will have no-one to blame but themselves.

Of course, there is a good chance the dealer was slotted by rivals who have made the vigilante claim to divert police attention and resources. Time will tell.
benloyal said:
Once more Sheriff Joe was re-elected Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona
I did read that Sheriff Joe has caused Maricopa County to be severely and repeatedly fined for breaching human rights law. That's American human rights law by the way so the fines weren't because the toilet paper isn't soft enough.

One good idea he did have though was to put web cameras into prisons so the public could see what the crims do.

Installing JailCam over here could form the basis of a new format for reality TV. As people tire of Big Brother, it could be replaced by 'Big Guvnor', 'Who's The Daddy' and 'Don't Go into the Greenhouse Alone'.

Viewers could phone in to vote on who gets early release and who gets to share a cell with Big Bubba tonight. By using premium rate phone lines, the prison system would quickly become self financing, if not profit making.

You could even have a subscription only gay porno channel broadcast live from Bubba's cell.

The possibilities are endless. gov.uk just needs a bit of imagination.
How about making sure they have an erm... appropriate cell-mate? They'd be far less likely to re-offend if they knew that they were likely to be banged up with the Brit equivalent of T-Bag!

SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).

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