Time to crack a few skulls

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. these young offenders shouldn't be committing crime in the first place, IMO I think they are just kicking off cos they know they can get compo for bad crowded cells, crap prison food and get away with it, :frustrated: they have already left one warden with a fractured skull, no excuses at all for that, I say send in SO1 and crack some skulls :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: , no comebacks all locked in cells, no prevliges, no reduced time, only 1 out at a time, if they want to go to toilet see a Doc, make an appointment and take a number wait your turn !


    may some time in Abu Gharab will make them realise how soft their prison really is
  2. Time to crack more skulls by the look of things.

    Send in whoever and no Countdown for them this afternoon.
  3. Yes, let's brutalize them some more, so that they become unmanageable in prison and bitter, resentful and unruly once released. This is not the answer. Glib and attractive to those who describe themselves as to the right of Genghis Khan maybe?

    The answer is to return to the Victorian prison system. The redemptive power of hard labour and the controlling influences of the "panopticon" system of supervision and accompanying architecture will work wonders! Human rights, access to controlled substances, conjugal visits can all be kicked into touch for the period of the prisoners incarceration. Nourishing food, improving books (Samuel Smiles' On Self-help for example) and honest labour involving a lot of sweat and a genuine good for the community. Treadmills powering turbines for example would be seen as beneficial and effective.
  4. Spot on Cuddles, prisons have lost the ability to punish and to reform behaviour. I was called mad when I told my friends that they should hook up treadmills to the national grid for cheep power. It's a renewable power source after all!
  5. "RANT ON"

    I've said it before, let them do time in the communities that they committed the crimes in.

    Make them wear honking bright yellow jumpsuits with their crime emblazoned across the back, and they do hard labour in the community prior to their being taken back to their luxury free, yet warm and secure jail for the night.

    They get three squares a day, and a roof over their head in return they are given a redemptive sense of purpose. That is for open prison obviously.

    If they are max security then - for instance - they go to a godforsaken quarry on dartmoor and break rocks. Any re-offence whilst inside gets the mandatory minimum sentence added on to the end of their current one, and a posting to max security, as they obviously can't be trusted in open conditions.

    Visitation rights become visitation privileges, one which has to be earned and kept. I think I am right in saying that it tends to be visitors who get a lot of the drugs into the jails in the first place (although I am sure there are members who can put me right on this :thumright: ).

    Prison should be a place that people don't want to go back to. Equally Prisoners should be shown that by dint of hard work and keeping their nose clean they can earn privileges and respect within the system, thereby (hopefully) conditioning their behaviour when they get out. Prisoners who live by the rules should be given every assistance to rehabilitate, those who dont - well keep em banged up in a system that gradually reduces their comfort levels. Everybody has a point that you reach and say "this just isn't worth it anymore". The trick is to find that level for our inmates.

  6. I dont want to be a killjoy. I agree with what you say. How would you implement it?
    If they are on the treadmill for instance and say "I am a bit knacked and cant do anymore" what would you do?

    The devil is in the details.
  7. I'm sure there would be a SNCO type ready quip for this sort of situation.
  8. Reference the link, this quote:-

    Helen Attewell of the crime reduction campaign, SmartJustice, said less petty criminals should be sent to jail.

    Agreed! Criminals who are less petty, and therefore more serious in their illegal endeavours, SHOULD be sent to jail!

  9. Work sets you free ! Have i heard this somewhere before ?
    Flood the prisons when they riot and set them alight, let the water out a couple of days later and refill them with live prisoners to remove the bodies.
    Harsh but fair.
  10. Very true. They would be medically examined and if fit to continue they would be "compelled" to do so. Just like in the good old days of BTC at POW Division (and I'm sure many others too) Depot! I thought I couldn't do another lap of the assault course but how wrong I was!!

    Edited to add:
    Obviously you can't make them do it but you can make them wish they had! No work means minimum life support and another form of redemptive training. victorian Prison plumbing doesn't clean itself out you know...
  11. Electric cattle prods.
  12. Prison life is far to soft for them, the only way forward is to chop their goolies off
  13. Not forgetting to post the video on YouTube.
  14. Pretty simple. X hours (or X amount of output) on the treadmill equals Y reward.

    Don't reach the required amount then you don't get what ever is set as the reward. ie food, rest, TV time, visits whatever.

    Make them want to stay on. :twisted:
  15. Your're correct that has to be the individual's choice

    Don't want to work, solitary cell with integral toilet/washing facilites and the world service piped in for your entertainment during "daylight" hours. Silence and darkeness at all others.

    You want to work you get allowed out to work.

    You work well you get to change the channel, get reading materials, etc.

    Sometimes the work/reward thing has to be taught from a fairly primitive level, doesn't mean it can't be done humanely.