Time to break out the CBRN/NBC Suits

I'm just saying... I never took the whole CBRN threat too seriously... than Covid happened... and conspiracy theories point to a Chinese bio-weapon escaped from the lab etc

Well, if we're all expected to wear masks - at least wear one that actually works.

I'm a big fan.

S10 for men, S6 for the chicks and GSR for those who want more....
IIRC you guys' usefulness was limited to 3 weeks was it not? Hence rations etc. for 3 weeks, and you'd probably have been able to function for at least that long without NBC gear given your locations and bunkers.
Three weeks rations on posts but a month at Group headquarters. No requirement for NBC gear as such, although there was a requirement to go outside every 8 hours to change the Ground Zero Indicator cassettes. However there was also "mobile monitoring". Basically get in your car and check radiation levels at various locations. Protection? Use a scarf as a face mask. Nothing changes.

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