Time to axe PCSO's...?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chuggafugga, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. pcso425.jpg

    People think they are a joke and they are commonly percieved as not being able to do much with their "limited power"

    With further cuts announced why can't the current gov simply make the PCSO role completely redundant within a 12 month time frame and encourage investment in further actual Police Officer numbers as well as boosting the viability of the Special Constabulary and other volunteer roles.

    Retraining wouldn't go amiss for those desiring to re-allocate to the role of a Constable and I'm sure the experiance of those numbers with over 5 years on the ground in community policing with fair quite well and would be welcomed.

    A Police Community Support Officer is not a police officer in the sense and as such should not be interpreted as such.

    I'm surprised they weren't binned years ago, there is alot of emphasis on community policing and guess what, we need actual police on the beat now more than ever rather than "Police Staff".

    Think of the little impact they have and the cost to benefit ratio.

    I'd argue the whole policing on the cheap concept was a farce to begin with, and I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.

    It's not a tough choice really and their own numbers are dwindling as it is.
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  2. Plastic coppers are cheaper, so I can't see them reversing the policy

    You've got more chance of getting coppers to investigate burglaries at odd numbered houses
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  3. I believe that the reluctance to give them up is because of the continued emphasis on community policing

    The fact that PCSO's can't do **** all else is the only reason that there is anyone doing any community policing at all

    As soon as they become proper police officers, they will disappear into the bottomless pit of other police jobs that need a proper police officer to do, like chasing up Facebook threats and dealing with M.H patients
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  4. Can I confirm is this an actual axe or a metaphorical one before I cast my vote ?
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  5. Let's say, theatrically, all roles retired within 12 months compulsory or voluntary.
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  6. When has the public sector been increased in recent years? Prisons are a riot at present, schools at bursting point. NHS yet again begging foreign staff to come here.
    Shit pay, shit pensions, shit everything unless you're an MP.
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  7. Are these what used to be called 'Special' Constables? I.e. Volunteers?

    If so, no, I think they should take on more. Perhaps their roles need to change though to be more of a force multiplier for an actual copper. Thinking they shadow the copper but have to do the back work that keeps the plod away from policing.
  8. NSP

    NSP LE

    We used to have a really proactive and effective - and visible - PCSO covering our village. She'd fall over herself to help when you behaved yourself and be your worse f**kin' nightmare if you so much as pushed your toe over that line in the sand - everything my old man used to tell me a copper was "back in the day" when he trod a beat in the '60s, in fact. Only without the actual powers and authority, obviously. Not that that stopped her.

    But then came the rationalisation just after the coalition was formed (but which, when you dig into it, was actually proposed, planned and scheduled under the "you've never had it so secure; record numbers of everything" New Labour government) and we got a new PCSO. Who we never see and who takes forever to get back to you. And will rock up (eventually) when you've reported something specifically requiring the urgent attention of a full constable as, with a timely response, an arrest is definitely on the cards. And that will be a week or so later. If you're lucky.

    To be fair to her, the reorganisation gave each PCSO a larger area to cover, including a chunk of local towns where there's more people, more chavs and more low-level crap than in a not-cheap-to-buy-into rural village but still - it was still a paper-over-the-cracks hoodwink-the-public exercise in proving that cheap always ends up more expensive and a sop to a public that really did want more actual cops up front and in scumbags faces (sort of like back in my dad's day, I s'pose, when it seems cops knew everyone living on their beat, knew who the oiks were and had a low arrest rate - mainly because they were all over the oiks 24/7 making their lives difficult. Like I said, helpful if you behaved, nightmare if you didn't).

    Let's face it, if the country could afford them at the moment, they'd merely be recruiting through the normal screening process and training up PCs from scratch in the normal manner.
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  9. I did quote an emphasis on recruiting more volunteers, and having applied for the role myself of a Special Constable they are also just as meticulous on their screening potential applicants as ever, I failed quite recently on my actual "interview technique", with a 6 month deferment so whilst I can commend their are only wanting the right person at the time the potential is there but emphasis on numbers and making people aware of the role.
  10. No, they're lower paid helpers.
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  11. For those whom don't know; Special Constables are unpaid volunteers, same powers as regular Police Constables but aren't paid, but have a minimum 16 hours per calendar month.

    Start's with a papersift, than an assessment face, than if successful there a medical, fitness, security vetting etc

    Have a designation with an "SC" above their number on should epaulettes.

    Looked quite adventurous to be fair and something for those people who don't need the money and fancy a little extra spice on their weekends.
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  12. Special Constables don't get any pay what so ever, simply expenses reimbursed, and plus the perks that comes with a warrant card such as free bus travel here or free rail travel with BTP.
  13. PCSO's lower paid helpers? Helping in what way, simply sucking up more funds as useless cretins?
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  14. Wait here until bigger boys come etc.
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  15. NSP

    NSP LE

    As long as it's within half an hour or you have to let the scroat have it away on their toes.