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10/02/07 - Time Team: Sharpe’s Redoubt

Don’t forget to watch Time Team’s ’Sharpe’s Redoubt’ on Channel 4 this Sunday at 5:45pm!

The episode focuses on the three day dig that took place in March 2006 at Shorncliffe Redoubt in Sandgate, Kent.

To coincide with the program, www.95thRifles.com and our sister site www.ShorncliffeRedoubt.com (online home of the Shorncliffe Redoubt Preservation Society) will be launching an observers behind the scenes video and photos! Don’t miss it!


According to the Ch4 webshoite its some guff about druids, sounds all welsh to me!

Sharpe's redoubt (11 February)
Shorncliffe, Folkestone

Baldrick and his mates.


yes mate worked that one out hencethe bit about the date!
Used to be on the RLC EOD team at Shorncliffe. Time Team were doing a live special from a site just outside Canterbury, looking for buried medieval tile ovens using ground radar thingies. They found an 'anomoly' which could have been an oven, but was also not far from the line of a stick of German WW2 bombs - just where there was a gap in the stick. They asked for some advice and, being the nearest EOD asset we rocked up. They had some top fit birds doing support stuff and a fantastic mobile canteen, but the whole experience was ruined by the presence of lots of horrible sweaty bearded socks-and-sandal wearing freaks.

Watched the programme live that sunday when they uncovered a big old tile oven. Was chuffed to bits. Had it been an aircraft bomb I would have had to task RE as thats their bag. And that really goes against the grain. ;) :)

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