Time Team

Just watched Time Team [Ch4+1] about injured peronnel in The Rifles rehabilitating through Archeology. As an ex crab, I tound it very inspiring.
Dig a trench, stag in it, put the earth back.
10 years later dig a trench, find some old stuff in it, job done!
You forgot the bit about digging a 2 inch square "post hole" so future generations will get very over excited about it,likewise the 3 foot long patch of slightly darker earth which will soon become the foundations of a "49 acre Roman fort"
and the shard of pottery which tells you that the owner had a fiteen room house with eight servants.
I found the programme quite interesting when it first come on tv, but after 500 episodes of finding fuck all it lost it's edge, and baldrick is an annoying twat.
did you see the one where the owner had buried a load of stuff and they thought they had hit paydirt until realising the romans didnt have barb wire...
The strain took its toll on family life. Carenza describes waking every morning with a sick feeling of dread. Tense and irritable, she grew short-tempered with the children. Then, in November of that year, Carenza had her second breast removed.

As she and her husband sought to rebuild their family life, they abandoned hopes of a much wanted third child. Carenza gave up a full-time archaeology job she loved because of the effects of field work on her health. She continued her Time Team broadcasts, however, despite periodically suffering deep depressions.

But by spring 1999, she was coping better. She was about to undergo further reconstructive work on her breasts, when she was called in for a meeting with hospital officials......

.....Carenza intends to take legal action for negligence. Three years of her life were lost to fear. The fact that her breasts are reconstructed may be indiscernible, but they are numb and without sensation. My nightmare all a `mis take' - Features, Unsorted - Independent.ie
This was 13 yrs ago and there was nothing publicly mentioned so I assume they settled out of court.

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