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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by charlie2, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Just watched Time Team [Ch4+1] about injured peronnel in The Rifles rehabilitating through Archeology. As an ex crab, I tound it very inspiring.
  2. well done that man !! now fuck off and bury yourself !"!
  3. oh i forgot
    wah shield up
    wah shield down
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  4. Not if they end up like Phil Harding.
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  5. I enjoy searching through my cutlery draw with the metal detector I got for Christmas. Always find some treasure or other and seldom get cold or muddy!
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  6. Dig a trench, stag in it, put the earth back.
    10 years later dig a trench, find some old stuff in it, job done!
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  7. You forgot the bit about digging a 2 inch square "post hole" so future generations will get very over excited about it,likewise the 3 foot long patch of slightly darker earth which will soon become the foundations of a "49 acre Roman fort"
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  8. " 'Ere Tooowney!!"

    Ask a graduate to push a wheel barrow around a building site as a labourer you'll get a "Fack orf!"

    Ask a graduate to push a wheel barrow around an Archy dig and you'll get trampled in the rush.

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  9. Is Phil Harding the freakish looking chap who has never been asked to babysit for anyone?
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  10. and the shard of pottery which tells you that the owner had a fiteen room house with eight servants.
    I found the programme quite interesting when it first come on tv, but after 500 episodes of finding fuck all it lost it's edge, and baldrick is an annoying twat.
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  11. And after 20 years it's all over.
  12. did you see the one where the owner had buried a load of stuff and they thought they had hit paydirt until realising the romans didnt have barb wire...
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  13. ...or baywatch...

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  14. i loved baywatch, epic saturday afternoon wank material