Time Team special - holy fcuk!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. Did anyone else catch Time Team last night? If not, grab it on 4OD, or download the HD version from usenet.

    42minutes in - holy jesus! And then it just gets better! And you see hell on earth.

    I thought we had fun with the nuke simulators, but this is in a totally different league. Maybe we need to bring the Levens device back; awesome A/P weapon :)
  2. I'd never heard of it until last night. Very interesting dig... perhaps one of the best.
    Even memory lane was visited as it showed the Gas Welding bays at the RSME. I used more oxygen for hangovers than I did welding.
  3. what was the title of the series?
  4. Have to agree an interesting show. The RE did a good job building a modern version, that would keep the weeds down on many a sink estate.

    I love the way the original was designed to raise itself up out of the ground to then spray the flaming diesel/kerosene mix over the enemy trenches.

    We could install something similar under manholes at road junctions, keep the smackheads / chavs down.

    Back to programme, amazing how good a condition the metalwork they unearthed was in.
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  5. Cheers smudger. I have it on HD anyway, but worth the 4 adverts for the show. Even if you just skip thw show, until 42minute point.

    Fuck, imagine seeing that coming at you. :(
    Fuck, imagine being todl you can build one :D
  6. Have none of you ever heard of a "Crocodile" or a "Wasp" FFS
  7. I'm not sure I like Timothy's wording? "this appalling weapon"......appalling my fucking hoop! War's war, and there's no prize for second place.

    That weapon is awesome! It would really spoil your day.
  8. I get the same thing god dammit!
  9. Its available in HD on usenet. have a gander on nzbmatrix.com (under documentaries HD), for the nzb.
  10. Your place of work my use proxy servers that are based in the USA. This can give you this error, as youtube thinks you're in America, and therfore not playing your BBC licence fee.

    I get it sometimes at work when the proxys swap over.
  11. Yes. And????
  12. Have you considered euthenasia? Just a thought....
  13. Not quite as sophisticated, or scary, as a metal head that pokes it's head out from the soil and jizzes burning fuelmix all over your grid.

    It would like being on the receiving end at a bukkake party with "the human torch"