Time Team, CH 4, Now. D Day and the Dorsets


With Baldrick running round in circles........again.
Anyone ever explained why they only have 3 days to do a dig?
Run_Charlie! said:
Anyone ever explained why they only have 3 days to do a dig?
'Cos they're the TA of the archaeology world, they only do the Time Team bit at weekends, then they go back to their proper jobs.
Sad to admit I watched it..........a waste of an hour and what a load of rubbish...the Regimental War Diaries of the Dorsets would tell more. Robinson goes round like headless chicken........... I've dug up more WW2 junk on my local common! ....... Quote."you'll find hard packed ground where the trails of the AT gun sat!!!!!!"........ anyone identify the two 'medals' the Dorset Veteran was wearing above his WW2 ones?
ill check youtube they might have it..
i know they are siht at what they do,, but it is at least interesting,,
unlike all the other drivel that appears on tv.
"any one copied it.. "

Yes, in case it was worth keeping, but I deleted it straight after, sorry.

IMHO a bit of a predictable pointless exercise all round? If there was some sort of mystery there, like 20 Batts of nebelwerfers being conceal in concentration but disappeared without engagement or trace, a fair motive. Everyone knows the Atlantic Wall (not 'Western Wall' Robinson - you thinking of Jerusalem?), was nowhere near complete with sections of no more than barbed wire, the odd MG pit and a scattering of less than first rate patrols. And, other wonderful comments like @ "Hitler had an inkling so moved in quality troops to reinforce the old men". So the 'inkling' didn't last long enough for Hitler to immediately deploy the Panzer reserves when the actual invasion took place? Equally was the 'inkling' responsible for various guns covering the beeches being removed from their emplacements such as Ouistreham or Pont du Hoc? For a Time Team 'special' it weren't very special, was it - except to establish that they're not up to much re projects and scripts for WWII.

Got me all excited there, thought it was a new one. This one was shown back in 2004 wasn't it?

Anyway, the 'experts' made one or two howlers iirc. Couldn't even ID a German bakelite decontamination tablet box. One worthwhile thing i did pick up on and which should be noted by anyone interested in battlefield archaeology was the excavation of the AT gun pit, in particular the holes made by spades on the trails. A bit of measuring and you've ID'd the gun that once sat there.
What, new budget, re-invention of a bit of a spent format? Quite right, it was just another re-run in re-run TV land. Was a time - starts chair rocking and turns down the lantern - when television would apologise for repeating a programme, and questions might be asked in the House, and you could get four Mojo's for a penny. 8O :D

And who were they talking about? I'm sure I saw the "Dorset and Deven (sic)Regiment in the titles. To my knowledge they were the Devon and Dorsets. Why, oh why, can't they research enough to at least get titles right.
Run_Charlie! said:
Anyone ever explained why they only have 3 days to do a dig?
Seems to be the format - adds a bit of interest for the viewer at the expense of historical relevance as well as reintroducing oxygen to the sites and increasing decomposition rates of whatever is left behind.

All that aside I usually do enjoy Time Team, I found this episode laughable for the reasons given elsewhere and lack of expertise in this period and the inability to reconcile huge random holes in the ground with the large quantities of ordnance dropped on the area!
Ah crafty, but they did invoke the magic incantation "D-Day" :roll: . Say no more - or ne parle pas encore as it's Normandy. :lol:

I enjoy most of the Time Team shows and have been lucky enough to meet and talk at length- over 3 days- with the "Team"

Tony and Mick are chatty, friendly and never pop at bone questions.
And having seen back stage I can say that TR does "prep" before the talking bits, but sometimes he does depend on researchers
But that said, this show was dire-, on a par with the Buckingham Palace dig- and considering how much research goes into selecting a site to dig ,it scores a ZERO on my sheet

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