Time taken from applying to basic

It seems that a lot of people are curious about the timing from the beginning of their applications to the time they start phase 1. To give people an idea this is my timetable so far.

end of july...collected application form.
beginning of August....returned forms.
Couple of days later, barb test, basic literacy & numeracy tests completed
Beginning of September med history arrived at carreers office & sent to where-ever they are sent.
Two weeks into September accepted for further interviews a couple of days after.
Total of just over a calender month for application.
This included an extra application process due to being a serving soldier before.
When I get my next dates I'll let you all know.
Hopefully this should give some people an idea of how long the application process takes.
Lucky bugger, so far my application has been going on since the end of May, I have to do a 3 month training schedule on spreadsheet for the MO, (takes me until the 23rd November), as I had a small complaint at time of leaving the Army in 2000. Once that is in, BARB, interviews, selection and then back to jolly basic hopefully, if my recruiter gets their thumb out of their arrse and put the brew down, Winchester in Feb 08.

Good luck!!
Seems to be big variation on it - I started my application in March, recently passed selection and start basic in March 08!
Soozi said:
Seems to be big variation on it - I started my application in March, recently passed selection and start basic in March 08!
What regt. you going for?
Dude_1 you cant put a specific timeline on this as everyone is different and have different problem areas. You are classed as a Re-enlister because you served and DAOR'd or was disharged for what ever reason. Paleblue1 has had some kind of injury so has to do a fitness program before his recruiter/SMO will let it go any further. Leave the time of application to the expert of the recruiter who will guide his applicant through the process at the best speed possible. I had some applicants who passed within a few months to some who took around 18 months to 2 years, all cases are different.
The reason I started this thread was to give an idea of how long it has taken me, so if anyone else is in the same boat as I am they can get a rough idea, I'm definately not saying it's definitive or is going to be the same for everyone. Just a rough outline for people who are curious about the process. On my previous enlistment it took around 6 months. I may get a knock back at selection for some reason or another.
Good luck to you all on your applications though.
I started my application in march, barb a few weeks later, gave med forms in to doctor, rang em up a few weeks later, - forms lost, moved to a different area, registered, medical history lost, few more weeks, told that my medical history had arrived, gave in new Army med forms to doctor, medical history "misplaced". Few weeks later it transpires they never had my medical records, they had put them in storage with a different PCT. I then broke into the PCT building, stole them back, hired Black Water to deliver them to my north london doctors practice. Spoke to them today and they need to summarise them before they can even start my Army med questionnaire. Perhaps I should go to Uni, study medicine for a few years, apply for a job with my practice and fill out the forms myself, might be quicker than waiting.

Sorry, high-jacked the thread a bit, but I'm pissed off.
I heard it depends on how devoted you are, what attitude you show etc. and how truly keen you are from the recruiter I spoke to, in an Infantry term anyway, I just spiced things up a bit to pass it on :D

Basically, if you're as devoted as me, I can make myself look sad from 1-10 in 1.6 seconds by asking a question about something really military or something that only a hardcore wannabe would know :oops:, then you must truly be wanting to join :p

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