Time & Support to study?

Good Afternoon,

I’ve come to this forum to hopefully gain a greater understanding of the armed forces, their role and insight into a prospective career for me in several months time.

I’m considering the army due to quantity of reasons, but alienation and discontent with my current employment and employment are making me feel it’s time for change. I’m also looking for a career that allows me to progress, keep me engaged and avoid the normal ‘9-to-5.’ A current area of interest for me is the role of ‘Operator Military Intelligence’.

I am currently about to begin my second Open University course, which will run until October, allowing me plenty of time to prepare myself, but this does bring me to my first question for the forum; when I do join the armed forces, complete my initial training and join a unit, what support, if any, will there be for me to complete my studies with the Open University?

At a guess, it’s in the interest of the Army to support its personnel with educational development, but is there any financial backing and with current operating requirements, what is the possibility of individual actually having the time to partake in part-time education?

I’m currently working towards a history degree, I already have a ‘Certificate in Social Sciences’ and by the end of October, I will hopefully have a ‘Certificate of Higher Education in Humanities,’ and progressing with my studies is an important goal for me.
if you go onto the main forum index - there is an education thread - probably the best place to go as ive seen it talked about.

couldnt answer myself though as im not in yet and wouldnt want to give any wrong info ;)
Once you've got out of training you should have the time. I am in year 2 of my degree and have enough time.

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