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Now that money is getting tighter and budgets getting slashed we have been asked to provide times sheets to justify our manning; as obviously someone is after a MBE for being a tight arrse.

I remember years back that we used to do such a thing, whereby you accounted for every hour in the working day. You would leave it to the end of the week, or more likely the end of the month and try and remember what you had done, and enter corresponding codes on the sheet, i.e. Admin, PT, Training, Other, or god forbid Prod!.

Well now the wheel has turned full circle again, does anyone know if these forms are still available anywhere. Are they codified, were they Unicom/Femis, or locally produced?

Any pointers would be gratefully received.

I had to check my calender then to ensure it was not the 1st of April.
Oh God!! I read this immediately after I had finished writing the pages after boring pages of my monthly report. If I wanted to be a pen pusher I would have joind the constabulary. Grumble, mumble, moan.


Yes they are still available. IIRC they are called Cummulative Time Sheets. There is an army publication that lists all forms & books, see if your unit has it.

Experience tells me that once these are introduced they don't last very long before they are binned :D


Available on ArmyNet:

AF G4205A - Cummulative Time Sheet

AF G4206A - Daily Repair Time Sheet

AF G4213A - Progress Record/Production Control Sheet
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