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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bazinga, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Hello Guys

    Been in the regulars, joining the medics TA. I handed in all the bits I needed to. Its now been 5 weeks and I've heard nothing useful. I emailed at the 2 weeks point asking how it was going. Ignored. Emailed at the 3 week point got a reply 3 days later from the civie clark saying "sorry haven't sent it off yet been busy." I'm now at the 5 week point. Heard nothing. I know the army's admin is shockingly slow but this takes the piss a little doesn't it? It shouldnt be too hard as I left the regulars less than a year ago? Can anyone shed any light or am I really just getting fobbed off and should stop bothering my arse trying to join?

    Cheers, hope you are all having a fab day and the likes.
  2. It does happen, expect to be told in 3 weeks time that you need to produce X, then another wait for Y & Z.

    If they are that bad just think if you'll ever get paid.

    Try another unit
  3. Echoed, try another unit. Ex-Regular re-enlistments can take longer as APC need to check your previous service record prior to approving you for re-enlistment. I take it you have already had your entry medical?
  4. No, had absolutely nothing. Another unit I agree.