Time running out for you?.....

...exactly....it's not the Army I joined.......

Far too much beaurocracy and PC bullshít....can't even trust the people 'above' me anymore; been let down, stabbed in the back and lied to too many times.

[sigh]  :(


I had just seen my nephew's photo from an ATR, and the amount of ribbons and medals  on show was enough to glare out some of the faces. According to my nephew even the "troopies" admitted medals are awarded for "being there" rather than doing things these days.
Is this another way of devaluing awards (if this is happening) and from what I see of the Army now is it full of Empire builders and MBE chasers.(generalisation)

or most probably just an old soldiers cynical view
At the grand old age of 29, I remember the disbandment of the WRAC, I did my pre-RCB with the RCT, saw the formation of the RLC, and the amalgamation of a whole host of other regiments. The pace of change in the last 10 years has been relentless, and I have been in the system for about that long. That's the thing that I find scary, but challenging also, knowing that it all may change again and we will need to adapt and cope.

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I have a friend who got out after 7 or similar, retiring as a Capt.

They said that "At the stage of Capt most of the good officers get out and do something else, a few stay in to follow the path but plenty/many of bad Captains stay in as well [to get their OCship and/or follow the path]" I believe their point was that there are too few good players staying in and a lot of "less able" colleagues getting made up to Maj and beyond.  Stepping on peoples backs and stabbing them at the same time.

The opinion that popped into my mind was that they had an issue with their old OC but does anyone agree with the sweeping statement?  Certianly I never had an issue with my old OC's and always thought that they were perfectly capable and I was extremely annoyed when one of them was passed over for Lt Col.


Having had a MYR related CO's interview recently I made the point that I was leaving despite 3 excellent reports in a row because it seemed that they didn't matter as much as a previous one which while VG contained a few landmines...

:eek: His comment - that it can easily take 3 years or so for a report like that to stop mattering. As a Captain (Graduate too), it's very very hard to believe it's worth hanging around to try and make up that sort of time without watching all the guys you were on YO's with or served early on with pass by.

I don't claim to have always got it right, but I honestly believe there is too much reliance on CR's at promotion / IRC / Reg C boards.

Just imagine if all Civvy employers took people on or promoted them solely on their CV's??!! ???

I have just finally been given a posting which might concievably make me stay after all - we shall see. But the principal stands I think. Boards are only good up to an extent. A formal interview alongside it might add a lot of time, but b*** hell we must be the only organisation who wouldn't / don't do something like that!
...I take it back...I'm now considering jacking it in before my 12YP

When a LCpl comes out of trade training and gets appointed as an A/Sgt INSTRUCTOR.......it kinda pisses me off.



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Yup totally sick of the way people seem to get treated now a days as if we have no personal feelings. Ok we signed on the dotted line etc. and we have a job to do but when a cr is written and sent of to the board then informed that  because of the unit you are at is not as good as another unit so your cr is not worth the same is bollox. You should be promoted on your merits and what you have done. Not the unit you serve at or who rights the CR but how you do your job. If we could sort out these problems then maybe more people would stay.

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