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  1. I'm sorry if this question has been done to death already. I did search it but got nothing. So I do apologise if this winds anyone up.

    How much time can I expect to have off during my training? I start training on the 29th of April at ITC Catterick and I'm joining the rifles.

    Also, once I have completed my training and joined a Battalion, how much time will I get for leave per year?

    Don't get the wrong impression of me, I'm not thinking of having time off before I have even joined. I just would like to know how much time I will get off.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. did you not thought of asking this at the ACIO?
    your not down to be an officer are you??
  3. Time off!...feck! you'll be wanting to be paid next.

    Use the search box or wait for a grown up to reply....but look at a 4 day break after week 8*, maybe 2 - 3 weeks once you pass out depending on if you go straight onto your civvy driving course before joing Bn. Once in Bn leave will depend on many things including trips overseas, etc but you will have a minimum number of days leave, currently 38 days.....whether you actually get the time to take it is another matter.

    Time off - British Army Website

    May be worth going on a 'Google is your friend/how to use a search engine' type course during your many days of idleness.

    * Any corrections will be given by a nice man but just to confuse you further......

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.