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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by somethingtomoanabout, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. Our boss is always taking long weekends off without putting in a leave application. This is not a one off occurance, but about 2 weekends each month. What really makes us mad is that we are still working over the weekends. Does anybody know what we can do to stop this happening or am i just going to get the answer RHIP?
  2. Shut up and get back to work serf.
  3. Give him 5 minutes then follow him out the door.
  4. Dear somethingtomaonabout,

    1. Tuff sh*t.

    2. Stag on.

    3. If I want to take 2 or even 4 long weekends a month I will, so cram it you crow.

    4. You know where to find the WRVS ladies if you want a shoulder to cry on.
  5. Get the clerks to put it on UNICOM anyway, but be prepared to back it up with a good argument, embarassing him in front of someone senior is always a good one! You don't say if it is an Orifice or WO/SNCO, if he is and Offr then one of your SNCOs should be earning his bloody money and having it out with him?
  6. He is an orifice and our seniors are too spineless to face up to him.
  7. Become a civvy, and get every weekend off.
    And more money too.
  8. How do you know? Do you have to sign his leave apps?
  9. His leave is between him and his CO. It's f*ck all to do with you. Suggest you wind your neck in and get on with what you are paid to do. Who the f*ck are you, the Unit snitch? Had a bad CR or a good rifting recently have you?

  10. And the case for the Defence rests! :lol:
  11. Then take matters into your own hands and grass him up to your OC. That'll teach the b*stard and your SNCOs will resepct you for it.
  12. Somethingtomoanabout, maybe your name says it all.

    What next to moan about? Or is it that your annual report does not make nice reading and you are not the star you think you are?

    Maybe he prefers to take his annual leave (or part of it) as single days, with the agreement of his boss. Unless you can prove that he does not submit leave passes, you have no right to make any assumptions whatsoever.

    And your 'spineless' SNCOs are aware of the arrangement...
  13. Somethingtomoanabout

    What next ?

    Why do I have to do PT ?

    Why do I have to wear uniform ?

    If you just shut up and get on with it maybe one day you too will be able to use the system to your advantage !

  14. Somethingtomoanabout seems to have piped down [sorry, nautical term].

    Could it be that he found out that it was legit after all?

    Or is he all 'shout-and-stir-with-no-substance' like all good barrack-room lawyers?
  15. No i haven't piped down. Took some advice and done some investigating.
    To all you so called know it alls out there, his time off was not legit, there was no leave passes put in and he is taking his full leave entitlement at the same time as myself. I do work on UNICOM so i do know abit about what i am doing.

    Seems to me that its some of you who have your heads stuck up yor arrse and are scared to deal with officers who break the rules!! :evil: