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Time off - British Army Website isn't very clear asides from saying you get 38 days off. How does that work? Do I get to chose when that time off is.. or is it at certain times of the year only and just given to me as the Army sees fit?

I have a friend in the Navy who just passed out and he's had every weekend "off" and says thats what itll be for the moment unless you're on.. uh.. duty call? He's really not fuckin helpful at all.

I'm just trying to get a sense of time for family related things, with a son and a gf I think the information would help them more than me.
When you are in camp it can be like a normal 8 - 5 job unless you are on duty or there is reason to work late, as for weekends you get them off again unless on duty or there is a reason to work. The 38 days you mention is Annual leave. Most units in the Army have standdown periods so your leave is taken at the same time as every one else however you can some times have your leave at a differant time of year however it depends what your unit has got on (exercises and the such) and will require you to do guard or some other form of rear party duty. My unit gets 2 weeks at christmas 2 weeks at easter and 3 weeks in Aug and the other 3 days are used for bank holidays.
You know I was gunna say I heard it was 2 weeks at easter, xmas and summer but I completely reworded my post as I thought I was being retarded! I'm guessing then that all units generally have their time off around then, obviously not all at the same time though but staggered like a certain amount of units are off, they come back and right after other units go on leave that way people get time off at the key times mentioned give or take a few weeks either side.

So it is kind of set when your time off is which I actually think is good at least you know when your time off is and you dont have to fight other people for that time off heh.

Is there anyway to request extra days off.. I dont know, for say your sons first day of school and other things.. from trivial to important?

When you say on duty do you get that time back during the week.. so if you work like, Mon-Fri.. then Sat and Sunday.. would you go back on maybe wednesday-fri or would you just suck it up and work 12-14 days in a row?
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