time off???. is there such a thing anymore????

Discussion in 'REME' started by threaders-vm, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. There was a time, not so long ago, that wednesday afternoons were gauranteed for sports, friday was poets day, and weekday pt was priority. What I mean is, that of the last few units I have served with, all of them have required me to slog my guts out for no reward and no routine or time to enjoy the army. Is this a result of 'yes men' or weak minded bosses coming through the system or undermanning?.
    what is the general consensus??????
  2. Your in the Army now son!
  3. yeah bore off.
  4. Threaders me auld I'm afraid SWA has got it right - THIS IS todays modern ARMY! Over-stretch, lack of money, shite kit, I could bore you all day with the reasons why I'm EXTREMELY happy that I only have 3.5 years left.............................
  5. Options for Change and the fall of the Berlin Wall are to blame for everything.
  6. I agree with threaders-Vermin, at my first unit the 10 O'clock start on mon, sports afternoon and finish at 1 on a fri was the norm and then right from under our noses it slowly vanished, I think its a mix of your points above, but mostly the current lack of man power is to blame. I belive these luxurys are probably only lived out at smaller units now?

    Edited as one of my crayons snapped
  7. Aaaw fcukin didums! Have to work all the hours that you are paid for then.. Never mind I am sure the nice tax man can take some more money off the blackoneleggedmidgetlesbian outreach centre to pay for your time off.

    :D I am so fcuking glad I got out while BFG was still a good place to be posted and before the sandpit opened for business :D
  8. lol.... I didnt join the army to work!
  9. I dont mind working hard, but always working hard with no reward whats-so-ever is some what frustraiting, the odd perk isnt going to hurt and will often increase the lads morale and therefore increase their production. 'Work hard, play hard'
    Grinding the guys into the floor everyday is a line to self destruction, hence the lack of soldiers now suffered by the army, catch 22 less soldiers more work etc etc
    The Army should concerntrate on getting the lads that are left happy, before they all leave too.
  10. I'd be interested in knowing how thats going to happen.................
  11. This requires both the leaders and the lead to make it happen. You can organise sport, but then no-one wants to play. Organise trips, no-one wants to leave their rooms, organise learning opportunities, sailing, skiing, windsurfing etc but it all costs too much.

    So what should happen is that Units should pull together and get sorted, not sit around moaning about how crap everthing is. Tell your staffy, drop this message in an in tray!!
  12. My BOLD

    'Cos we all know that your Staffy is far enough up the food chain to sort this one out - get real he's too feckin busy sorting your REC charts and PDR out, or any other bone pointless b@llocks that the ASM/OC/EME chuck at him cos he had a smile on his face last week. This is a CORPS problem and needs to be tackled from much higher up than any of us proles that post on here. In addition to that its pretty fair in my opinion to have the units we support share some of the blame - if they didnt insist on having 100% of the kit they own on the road whan they can only man 50% (and if thats not true why are they always moaning about being under-feckin-manned then?), then my lot would have had a damn sight more than 5 days in the last 45 at 'normal' hours as opposed to overtime.

    Theres a lot more to this than my simplistic rantings, but beleive me, its not going to change anytime soon, so get used to it - the days of that cnut 'Frank' on his wind-surfer are long gone..........

  13. Got three weeks off WOOHOO
  14. 3 weeks of not being on scheme or over-time would be like 3 weeks off to my lot, but, well done to you sah, well done!
  15. i remember being on overtime, probably the closest i camt to crying cus it lasted 3 fcuking years!!

    glad i transferred out, the REME was funnier when we got paid more, now we dont so why work harder than everyone else?

    there's easier things to do out there