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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mali, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just looking at my companies policy with regards to giving extra time off for annual exercise etc and have found the following:
    My company is listed on the SABRE site as giving time off. I just wondered how this compares to other companies?
  2. I work for a 'blue chip' (not a bank :) ) company and your employer's policy is exactly the same as mine.

    I count my self lucky, some people get naff all from their employer
  3. that seems a bit crummy if i'm honest

    i know the last company i worked for did not let it affect your annual entitlement.

    they actually gave an extra week paid and any other would be added provided you could prove it was legit.
  4. Lucky beggers.... Everywhere i've worked it's take it from your leave entitlement ... trying to get unpaid leave was just a nightmare...
  5. I thought it seemed reasonable enough, better than nothing.
    Although obviously if I were to attend a 2 week camp I would have to dip into my own leave.
  6. IIRC local government gave you 2wks paid for annual camp and in the NHS from what i've found out so far its all covered and the time off is guaranteed :D

    hit the motherlode :)
  7. Lancs County Council used to give me up to 10 days additional paid leave provided they had proof that it was legit and it didn't cause too much disruption.
  8. Try 15 days on top of annual entitlement. Not bad but on ever use 10 of those.
  9. My firm gives an option:

    1. 10 days at half-pay with no deduction of annual leave.
    2. 5 days at full pay and 5 days at half pay if 5 days leave are deducted.

    Now, I'm not a mathematician, but...

    Having said that, when I've known that I wouldn't have time to fit in all the leave accruing, I've actually taken the second option. Doesn't happen now that they've stopped leave being carried over into the following year.
  10. Sweet Fanny Adams.

    I have no holiday left to go on holiday. :-|

    Also, I work bank holidays but get nothing for them, no extra money, no day in lieu....I only get 21 days holiday per year....is that even legal??

    I thought you were entitled to 24 days BH's included in this figure?

    *edited for crayoning*
  11. Ditto.

    Try going for interviews to get a better job....

    "Do you have any holidays booked?"


    "Do you have any Reserve comittments?" (not having checked the CV properly)


    "Oh that's fine, no problem"

    You can see the shutters come down.
  12. I get an additional 5 days leave per year, on annual camp I usually either take another week out of my normal leave, or take it unpaid as I get paid more from the Army anyway!
  13. Million, check the ACAS website. I think the figure is 20 days plus upto 5 days optional bank hols.
  14. 15 working days - they can deduct service pay received from salary paid, so in theory it isnt paid, but you wouldn't loose out financially either.
  15. I get 5 working days extra which from what i've seen is pretty standard. As I get 5 weeks normally (entitled to 'buy' an extra 5 days) my TA entitlement bumps me up to six but I lose one week for camp, overall I get a net yearly holiday time of 4 weeks which isn't bad. Next year i think i'll buy that extra week for camp as i'm getting paid by the Army anyway so hopefully will get my full 5 weeks - result!