time off from sandbags

Discussion in 'Officers' started by juliathorne, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. :twisted:
    i cannot wait to start sandbags in september so do not misinterpret my question, but i have a house, two dogs and a life, on a practical level does anybody know roughly how much time we get off? would be something like a weekend after the first five weeks then the odd weekend? i would appreciate any intel.
  2. And you didn't think to ask these questions at interview? You'll do well there then.....
  3. Cuddlebunny's sarcasm apart, RMAS is a full-on year, and I would suggest that your dogs would benefit from care elsewhere if they are to survive the year. As for a life, by all means retain your life when you can, but whilst you are in the Academy your life belongs to RMAS. And for justifiable reason, as at the end of the year lies the prospect of a real privilege - commanding soldiers on operations. You have to give of yourself to get this privilege, and in order to be moulded from civvy to officer there is a real sacrifice to be made.

    In practical terms, suggest you ask this on the RMAS forum (All factory chat in here).
  4. For weekends it all depends how many "Academy Weekends" are built into the training programme. IIRC there was a long weekend after Week 5 then something like every other weekend off. In Junior Term I seem to recall spending a lot of time at Church Parades on Sundays though. In the following two terms weekends off were a bit more frequent although sometimes you couldn't leave till after sport Saturday (allegedly) or had to be back first thing Sunday for Church..... and occasionaly both.

    After Junior Term and in between Intermediate and Senior Terms you get between 3 and 4 weeks off to recover, although a weeks leave between Juniors and Inters is given over to gaining some kind of Adventure Training Qualifications (MLT, JSMEL, Comp Crew) and a week between Inters and Seniors is given over to your Expedition (sailing, skiing, hillwalking in Las Vegas, I mean, the Grand Canyon)

    To be honest, it's so busy any time off is always well received, be it two hours or two days. Don't make too many plans for weekends, prepare to be given last minute guards, duties and parades and if you do get time off sign out before they change their minds!

  5. Lease the house, re-home the dogs and ditch the life. You get to choose having a life or having a career. You won't be given enough time to have both.

    IF (feeling cynical and jaded this morning)
  6. Some geniune 'officer' answers there but thanks nonetheless to the cheerful subbie who gave me somewhat of the closest answer in terms of my question.
  7. I don't think thats one of the ten 'best questions to ask at an intervew' so no. And i think i'll do quite well at sandhurst, don't imagine replying to young keen cadets with your seemingly thwarted blite spirit is the way forward capt.
  8. Of course it's the way forward. He's got you good and pumped up ready to prove you can do well. Textbook.
  9. I love it when i see your posts, death. ALWAYS cheer me up! :D