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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ga_is_ea, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. hi im off for my training at catterick on 5th March and was just wondering how many times during my 6 months training i will be able to come home and when, thought id better off ask here rather than ask the corporals when im there.....thanks in advance
  2. joining the staffordshire regiment by the way
  3. allowed home from the sat on week 4 for 24hrs, after parents day.

    after week 6 allowed home between fri after work til 9pm sun

    3 long weekends + 1 week leave in training

    i'm lucky coz i've got that ^^ plus i've had nearly 3 weeks chrimbo leave :D

    back in catterick now though.
  4. Chris, when is the first passing out parade at Catterick, week 4 or week 6????

    Cheers Easy!
  5. Will the time off be any different for me? I've joined the Paras. ga_is_ea, where are you from? I'm from Leek, Staffs but they wouldn't allow me to join the Staffords when I asked at AFCO Hanley. I can't start training until I'm 17, which is the 5th of March. They reckon I will start sometime in April.
  6. im from walsall near wolverhampton...
  7. Did they say why you could,nt join the staffords, as the latest "leaked report" said they were undermanned when they left for Iraq.
    Was there a para recruiter in the office at the time.
  8. You are supposed to be joining the British Army, WTF are you bothered about how much time you will get in training? It only lasts a few weeks, just get on with it! Theres no time off in war which is ultimately what you are joining for!
  9. not for me, friends and family wanted to no
  10. On your "time off" dont go down town or through to Darlington gobbing off
  11. Your new friends and family are the army now sonny.Leave is for poofs.Get yourself down Harry's and Jesters on a weekend ,make friends with a guy called Stella and his mate Jack Daniels and you will be sorted.
  12. He cant go to Jesters anymore its shut down and he dont really wanna go down Harrys
  13. end of week 6 fella

    when you get your beret... apart from the guards coz they get it at week 1, everyone else has to make do with fcukin crowcaps
  14. I asked if I could join the Staffords, he just said no and didn't say why, he said Paras or Guards. They became the first 2 job choices, engineer was third. He himself was an engineer and so was the Warrant officer at AFCO. The only Para I'm yet to see was at Lichfield for selection where I passed for Para. Can't wait to go. I have no idea why they wouldn't allow me to have Staffords as even third job choice.
  15. hi everyone thanks for all of the info its much appretiated, oh and when i said its for my friends and family, i ment they want t o know how often im back home...