Time off at weekends for a young officer?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by P-Ride, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. I am quite aware of the impending flaming I am about to encounter, but would like to ask the following question:

    As a YO, do you get your weekends off to do as you like - or is it 7-days-per-week? Or, are there certain weekends you do and don't get off?

    A particular regiment I am interested in joining are based in Surrey. I couldn't help but notice this is considerably closer to the counties of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall - where it starts to get rather good for surfing - than my current location.

    Assuming I do good, hard work throughout the week - how often would I be able to drive out for a weekend's surfing? Say, leaving late Friday/Saturday morning and returning Sunday night.

    I am not proposing parking a khaki VW Campervan outside the Mess, or sporting dreadlocks under my beret - just pursuing an excellent sport at weekends when possible!

  2. It entirely depends on how busy you are. If you've been warned off for ops then you'll be very busy, if you've just returned slightly less so.

    Normally though as I understand it battalions try and work to a 5 day week, with the occasional long weekend though some will always be on duty.

    As a caveat I'm still at RMAS so know not of what I speak.
  3. You'll generally be fine most weekends. I think you should park the VW outside the Mess. A bit of individualism should be encouraged.
  4. Time off!!!!!! You'll be wanting paying next!
  5. Excellent, heartening responses - just need to pass MB next!
  6. And sadly I do not own a campervan.. Yet..
  7. If you intend going to infantry battalion, I wouldn't worry about it at all.

    You should be able to get away Thursday to beat the weekend traffic and strolling in about Monday lunchtime is de rigeur. In fact, the more time you can spend away from preventing the Pl Sgt running the platoon, the better.
  8. Weekends'll be fine as long as you don't piss off the Adjt and get dicked for Orderly Officer, but do your homework on your route, or you'll spend most of your time on the Ringwood/Poole bypasses as they are always heaving on Friday evening.
  9. Even worse if you go by M3/A303 !
  10. Ever considered RN, RM or any other unit stationed 100 miles closer to Newquay than Surrey.

    Officers? Maps? Pah!

    Most Fridays in the summer it will take you the best part of two hours to travel as far as Stonehenge, then at least another three hours after that.
  11. I always used to find that the bugger with Wednesdays is that they mess up both weekends. It´s probably changed a bit since my day. Bloody smelly in here. Dribble.
  12. Officers are reminded that After Duties Friday means after breakfast Thursday, not after tea Wednesday...
  13. Don't expect too much time off at RMAS though. Often the "long weekends" are what most people would simply describe as a "weekend".
  14. Too true with a weekend actually being what most would call Sunday
  15. The Army does have a Surfing Assn. They compete regularly. Devon and Cornwall are not the only counties in the UK with surf.