Time off after phase 2 , and career prospects afterwards?

Hi guys, thinking of joining and just have 1 or 2 questions that i couldnt find in a search:

I'm thinking of going ammo tech or RMP and was wondering , once having completed phase 2 and "in" do you get much spare time on weekends and the like to yourself? I'm not talking silly piss about in ibiza weekends but simply being able to go off base or take my car to bits etc kind of spare time?

And if one of the above jobs is taken, is it simply 22 years and your booted out? or are you able to stay on and go further? are there many career prospects afterwards for the above jobs? all i can see for RMP is to go for the actual plod but for ammo tech I cant see much!

Cheers guys


You are allowed to take your car to Phase 2 and beyond i belive, and as for weekends, then you can have them off as long as your not on exercises or anything.


Once through training and in your first unit your weekends are your own unless you are on duty (guard, duty nco etc). Theres lots of leave too to get in. Dont worry about time off there will be plenty.

Under VEng (if available to your Corps) you will be able to server upto 24 years and where possible have the chance to serve extra 2 year blocks up to a 35 year career (not everyone will get this chance).

Also by the end of your 24 years you should (dependant on effort and opportunity) be a warrant and the route to commisioning to officer will be open to you further increasing your years in uniform (its not for everyone and not everyone gets selected).

So lots of caveats to weave around but it will be mostly down to you.


The 'real' army is nothing like training what so ever. It's essentially an 8 - 4 job (give or take an hour - and RMP work shifts) with an hour for lunch. Once work has finished you can do whatever you like. It's not all corporal this, corporal that and there is a strong feeling of friendship. Your given enough rope to hang youself, what you do with it is your choice. Weeks / weekends in Ibiza are on the cards if you like, I've done a lads holiday at least once a year since I joined up nearly 10 years ago. The only time your not free at weekends is, as disco said, when your on duty, exercise or tour.

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