Time of TA Restructuring Announcement

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sapukay, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. Gentlemen and Ladies,

    Does anyone know when the final TA orbat will be announced?
  2. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Not before Oct 05 and don't hold your breath on that.
  3. That quick :!:

    Has anyone from the Ptarmigan Regiments heard anything? Cause although I expect to be in the same regiment after TA Sigs FAS, I don't expect to be in the same Sqn.

    Did hear a rumour this weekend about Ptarmigan Sqns moving over to NC role and the opposite in 36 Sigs area, but I think I started that one on another thread :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: (although this rumour is supposed to have come from a 2 Sig Bde meeting)
  4. Our workshop is re-rolling to become an LAD (as are all workshops attached to RLC, I think).

    We know the new numbers, but have no idea what trades those numbers will be.
  5. Well people have been mentioning digitisation within a few 11bde regiments, but I believe it will be to whatever is replacing Ptarmigan (Falcon?!?), so I doubt that all ptar regiments will be converting to NC. Since TA digitisation is probably at least 5 years off..
    Indeed I was talking to some NC wallas while I was over in STANTA not so long ago who are in the process of changing to Ptarmigan, albeit with Euromux involved methinks.

    Long live Ptarmigan.. Hurrah!
  6. Interesting, Euromux has gone (unless 36 Sigs can convince people that Cisco routers et al work over it) but NC converting to Ptarmigan ..... why 3 regts will remain after FAS unless they are replacing existing Sqns.

    If FAS would effect 11 Sig Bde, the logical choice is to retrain 1-2 36 Sigs Regt Sqns to Ptarmigan (they have many relay Ops/switch bitches being ex Euromux unit) and rejoin 11 Sig Bde. Then 1-2 current 11 Sig Sqns (from Yorkshire and Lancshire) would then move to 38 Sigs Regt.
  7. All,

    As per original FAS announcement 36 and 40 SR will transfer to 2 Sig Bde. They will re-role to be NC regts. No elements of these regts will remain within 11 Bde (or 12 Sig Gp). No current sqns within 33, 34 or 35 will be converted to NC - they will all remain as Ptarmigan for now - hopefully converting to FALCON (digitizing - although wasn't Ptarmigan the start of the digitization revolution?!) at some stage down the line - at least well into the next decade with the way the things are going at the moment. No current sqns within 2 Sig Bde will be transferred to 11 Sig Bde......

    Your anti-rumour Hobgoblin!
  8. Any news on the Infantry?
  9. No chance of Germany every other year then. :evil:
  10. Nothing so far but names and addresses of the heirarchy of my regiment were being double-checked today.
  11. 12 Sig gp can look forward to a Germany deployment as long as the ARRC remains out there which should be for at least the foreseeable future (5 yrs +). Next deployment being planned for 2007.

    Hobgoblin is spot-on regarding the rumours of Sqn changes within 11 Sig Bde/12 Sig Gp units vis-a-vis impact on 2 Sig Bde who are far too far along the NC route and Div affiliation to be able or willing to look at Ptarmigan.

    STABs rule (but for how much longer!?)

    The STAB
  12. What I forgot to add earlier is that the announcement is very unlikely before early Nov. The proposed Restructuring plan will be put to ECAB during the final week of Oct and will then have to be signed of by the Minister before it can be formally announced. There is currently no 'formal' announcement day.

    WhiteHorse - My guess is that you are in 60 or 94 Sig Sqn - if so you should still manage to get trips to Germany as they will remain in their current role as CNR squadrons doubled hattted in an ARRC and UK Ops role.

    As for the remainder of 2 (NC) Sig Bde units getting overseas 'jollies', there should be plenty of opportunities. 37 are off to Gib next year, 31 will still have their excuse for the odd trip to the other side of the pond. The contingent component roles for some elements of the Bde will also ensure plenty of opportuinty to train with your regular counterparts on 'normal' R SIGNALS eqpt. And if all else fails there is always the opportunity to 'volunteer' for an op tour in Iraq, Balkans or .......
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Any chance that either of these units will revert to being independent units?
  14. Rp578 - not a hope I'm affraid...