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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rothux, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Morning,

    I just finished my phase two training, and have had a movement order generated for 16 Mech Bde (228 Sig Sqn).
    I asked my troop cadre about this, but they didn't know the answer and I left before getting the answer.

    I have an LTA of 11th Oct, and the movement order says also "SOS this unit WEF 10th Oct".

    Does this mean that I am able to turn up at my new unit on the 10th? The problem for me is getting there before 8AM on the 11th, but going on the 10th would be ideal. If anybody doesn't know the answer, but has the civilian number for the guardroom at Ward Bks Bulford, could they PM it to me?

    Thanks for the help

    (EDIT: Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I couldn't see a subsection for movements and HR seems closest...)
  2. No idea rothuz but you just reminded me of something. Back in the late 80's I drove from BAOR as it was, to the province/N.I, Omagh .

    Early 80's were spent at Theipval and Londonderry so , when I tipped up early, at new Unit, wearing leather jacket, beard and cap, the infantry battalion REMFS, guardroom wallahs and fat barstewards nearly threw a track on top of their feckin hissy fit. Nothing else to get excited about, you see....

    Before all this...I had however, rung my new unit , well before, also had written to my OC, introduced myself and told them what time I and my family would rock up. We arrived one day early , just to show willing and get a head start before work.

    Said REMFS were silenced by more outgoing senior ranks, shall we say, and all was well. Because I'd used my noddle, made an effort and used my initiative, just as you seem to be doing.

    Good luck in your career by the way.
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  3. SOS is the date you are Struck Off Strength at Blandford, i.e the day you are taken off the unit strength there.

    In practice, what normally happens is you can rock up at Bulford on the 10th, sort out your bedspace and get your admin sorted for the next day.

    Ring them and ask if they're expecting you, try 01980 673037.

    Also, lesson for the future: Don't **** off on leave before sorting all your admin, expecting the internet to help you. Might not be so lucky next time :)
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  4. And save the number of MOD directory enquiries in your phone......
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  5. Cheers for that Alan, they contacted the QMs and got me some temporary accommodation.

    Normally I have good admin, but I got really confused with the movement system, and pretty much got fobbed off by Troop. Next time will definitely get everything fully sorted and understood before I **** off :p

    Cheers all,

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  6. I'm disappointed to hear that you got fobbed off by your Tp. PM me your Tp and I will ensure it does not happen again. :)